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7 Jul 2020 08:00
Boohoo down another 12% this morning Eek
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posted 7 Jul 2020 08:34, edited 7 Jul 2020 08:34
Yep. After my initial post I shorted it and have it running still. They have institutional ethical investors who are currently selling their holding as quickly as possible. It couldn't have come at a worse time for them, especially after promoting BLM on their social feeds for the past two weeks Laughing out loud

Pot. Kettle etc
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7 Jul 2020 12:34
Imagine being an institutional investor and thinking fast fashion is ethical
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7 Jul 2020 12:46
Laughing out loud
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7 Jul 2020 19:48
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posted 7 Jul 2020 20:37, edited 7 Jul 2020 20:37
I wonder how much of their sales comes from those 3 retailers? I’d assumed 99% is direct boohoo sites but thinking about it, ASOS will do a fair amount of volume for them.

Not good news for shareholders anyway. Becoming a bloodbath now.

Get the popcorn ready for when markets open…
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7 Jul 2020 21:11

Corr, I live right next door to them, can almost hear Kamani crying.

Only 2 weeks after they were one of the only retailers reporting to have done well out of the lockdownSmiling
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7 Jul 2020 22:21
themistake wrote:
eazypz wrote: Have seen the Football Index as well and want to give it a go.

How has it worked with the season currently being postponed?

This is the 'footie' which is the FI equivalent to the FTSE.

As you can see there was a very small wobbly when games were shelved, but it's gone from strength to strength since.

Since lockdown I'm up a modest 5% ROI, I'm hoping once the PL starts again I will push on.

It's really not rocket science to be honest with you.
I've spent most the season over trading and just giving my profits back in commission.
I have a much simpler strategy now.

The returns on the top 10 kind of show, it's not rocket science.

I've put more in this thread…

The footie is flying… up 5% in last 4 days.
Dividend announcement on Thursday.
Rumours of 100% increase in divs.

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8 Jul 2020 07:27
still waiting for someone to setup a footsie fund/etf I can put money into…… if anyone hears of/sees one please give me a shout
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8 Jul 2020 08:46
Boohoo continues to tank, almost 50% down on this time last month!