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4 Apr 2018 21:08
I agree. I'm liking the team Klopp is putting together. And his style of football. Reckon the arrival of Keita in the summer, maybe Lemar from Monaco and a central defender and Liverpool have a good chance in the league next year.
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posted 5 Apr 2018 00:02, edited 5 Apr 2018 00:02
I guess the Sheikh forgot to pay UEFA as City finally got called for offsides.
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5 Apr 2018 00:04
sydneyking wrote: Any decent streams for tonight’s game?

I got you
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5 Apr 2018 00:06
JustinCredible wrote: Liverpool first half Jawdropping! tremendous performance.

As a neutral glad Pep isn't having it all his own way in the cups, bit sick of people making him out to be the messiah when he's managed three colossal clubs littered with world class players & massive transfer budgets

Agree about Pep comment. Though his style of footy is great, I always thought if you figure him out then you figure him out and he just can’t beat you anymore. Klopp exposes him and did again. I guess I was neutral too as I support United.
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5 Apr 2018 10:56
All four games have been great. Excited for next week's action already.