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15 Feb 2020 01:03
So are PSG balancing the books correctly then? Was under the impression they were even worse than Citeh in terms of FFP?
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posted 15 Feb 2020 03:44, edited 15 Feb 2020 03:44
^Oh yeah, if PSG don't get a ban as well I'll be steaming. I would have put this up to Europe (sod off Platini) trying to fuck over an English club for the umpteenth time, but it's even bigger than that here; like a proxy war between Qatar and the UAE

Looking forward to Wolves vs Espanyol this week. I do hope Traore and Moutinho go off on em
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15 Feb 2020 08:31
Read elsewhere that the difference is PSG are cooperating and trying to do something about it whereas Citeh just told them to fuck off and lied about everything.