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8 Nov 2019 19:36
Burt wrote: One for the new(ish) parents..

Had to give my 11 year old a stern talking to earlier 'cos when I was making her bed I found a load of bogey's just wiped on the wall - grubby bugger must lie there reading her book and picking her nose!

Told her that she had to clean them off bare handed as that's how they got on there (she requested baby wipes and I refused point blank) and put them all in toilet paper and that if she didn't do it immediately I'd use them as pizza topping in the future and tell her after she'd eaten it. Also added that if I catch ANY snot on the wall in the future I'll do the pizza topping 'thing'.

Inside I was cracking up as she was completely horrified and promising to never EVER do it again.

Walked away after that conversation with a proper swagger - that's parenting Eye-wink

shamefully I remember doing this and getting caught for it when I was about the same age. Bogeys all over the wall behind my bed. Crusted and dry. Truly foul
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8 Nov 2019 21:53
Proper admission that, menace Eek Laughing out loud
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8 Nov 2019 22:54
Just fucking eat them Menace, saves all the bother
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9 Nov 2019 15:16
the only saving grace is that I was too disgusted to eat them. always thought kids who did that were proper wronguns