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26 Jun 2010 12:24
Haha thought there was background, like you'd given money to the RSPCA or something and she somehow accused them of funding pedos!
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26 Jun 2010 12:30
Mob hit our football over the 20ft fence and it hit a car the other day. I went to get it and got threatened by some indian guy in a pink t-shirt who said "you better watch her car blud, it's hired".

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26 Jun 2010 13:11
Laughing out loud
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29 Jun 2010 13:13
Shouldn't that be in the grumy young men thread?
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29 Jun 2010 13:16
Sleuth wrote: Mob hit our football over the 20ft fence … I went to get it

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29 Jun 2010 13:24
word. whoever clears the fence fetches the ball. international kickabout law.
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29 Jun 2010 14:05
i'm also pretty happy at andy single handedly reviving the FUK photoshop Cool
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4 Jul 2010 20:43
i like all these black flag rip offs, hardcore kids get so butthurt over it (sorry luke)

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4 Jul 2010 20:46
PAM did one last year like this, if anyone ever sees one for sale in a small pm me, raging I never bought it.

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4 Jul 2010 20:47
That tee's amazing. I'm not xcore enough to care about band harmony. Think I'll buy it actually.
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4 Jul 2010 20:52
schtoop wrote: i like all these black flag rip offs, hardcore kids get so butthurt over it (sorry luke)

seen a Justin Bieber one which made me laugh
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4 Jul 2010 21:01
Down the road from my apartment is an old castle ruin, infront of it is what can only be described as a mini-botanical garden gone wrong. I'm sitting on one of the newish benches in it and it's started to rain but this doesn't bother me, it's freshing and I'm posting on FUK. My headache from earlier has gone - not sure if that's the air or the 4 neurofen I consumed an hour ago.
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5 Jul 2010 07:09
Startin' work today, lookin' forward to it.

Watch Grumpy Young Men at 17:31 for update Laughing out loud
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5 Jul 2010 11:52
More black flag rip offs

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17 Jul 2010 07:12
My visa has arrived, I'm free to go.
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17 Jul 2010 08:10
clear off then
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17 Jul 2010 09:11
Laughing out loud
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17 Jul 2010 09:29
Laughing out loud
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17 Jul 2010 09:40
Laughing out loud
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17 Jul 2010 09:54
Congrats nick, when you thinking of heading out?