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4 Jul 2018 17:18
Rez wrote: Who even cares about selvedge anymore in 2018
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4 Jul 2018 20:05
Clearly a misunderstanding, although it's on the buyer to confirm whether BOTH are selvedge jeans.

Can't just assume.
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4 Jul 2018 22:14
Think fuk are being a bit harsh on the buyer?

If I was the seller I’d have pointed out the 32 weren’t selvedge. Why would I point it out? Because it’s obviously important to the buyer from his first question.

Whilst I don’t think anyone is intentionally misleading, I think both parties are equally to blame.
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5 Jul 2018 09:02
bans for both of them imo
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5 Jul 2018 09:06
Laughing out loud