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2 Nov 2016 14:00
How do I prevent toe box creases? or at least put them off for as long as possible, had two pairs and it fucks me off that after only a few wears they look a bit shit. Do people buy them a size too small or something?
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2 Nov 2016 14:22
The way they're laced sometimes affects that, relacing them can help. I put shoe trees in mine too. Can sometimes look a bit nan kid/like you'd ideally like to sleep with them all in your bed when you have a line of 4 or 5 pairs of trainers all with shoe trees in, but found that that helps too.
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posted 2 Nov 2016 14:29, edited 2 Nov 2016 14:29
they look better a bit creased in my opinion. I get mine quite small though. I like them snug

relacing them makes them look shit though. the factory lacing is part of the aesthetic
carl lewis
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27 Jan 2017 22:23
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27 Jan 2017 22:25
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posted 30 Jan 2017 19:40, edited 30 Jan 2017 19:40
I'm looking for these loafers in size 43 / us9.5:
ordered a 42 and they're too small. would appreciate any help. thx.

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30 Jan 2017 19:51
Never seen Cp's in half sizes.
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30 Jan 2017 19:54
43 is us10
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30 Jan 2017 20:36
Ok thanks than I'm looking for us10
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30 Jan 2017 23:25
Foam sole on a loafer, well spesh
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30 Jan 2017 23:32
Paraboot loafer is better
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posted 1 Feb 2017 12:20, edited 1 Feb 2017 12:20
Recently bought a first pair of common projects achillies low off of ebay, they're used but in pretty good condition but bloody squeaky! Anyone know of anyway of preventing this squeaky-ness, seems to be coming from the top of the outer tongue rubbing against the inside

Any advise appreciated…
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1 Feb 2017 13:59
I think someone on here said talcum powder. Been meaning to give it a go myself.
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1 Feb 2017 15:57
The Loafers look like "Catering Staff wear"…soz
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2 Feb 2017 13:16
padawan wrote: The Loafers look like "Catering Staff wear"…soz

My gran had a similar looking pair of shoes, no joke.
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2 Feb 2017 14:15
I can't see the USP of those shoes… the product code no.?!
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2 Jun 2017 22:23
What's the best style/fit of jeans to wear with Achilles?

I feel the slim/skinny fit jeans only look good when you have a small foot size anything over an 8 and then it becomes a bit of an odd shoe to wear with slim/skinny fit jeans IMO

What's others opinions on Achilles and jeans/trousers?
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8 Jun 2017 12:33
Appeal of a well made pair of Penny loafers is they're a good smart summer shoe whilst being nowhere near tassle loafer territory
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8 Jun 2017 12:43
anyone want some quite worn black achilles low (43) for £50?
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posted 16 Sep 2017 13:38, edited 16 Sep 2017 13:38
Anyone got any near new suede summer chukkas from years ago they want rid of? They were the best CPs ever produced in my opinion and now all they seem to do are the ones with the crepe sole or the thick leather lining. Already have the blues which I've worn to death but would loves some browns in a 41.