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13 Aug 2012 23:18
DY likes to troll Smiling respect to CovOne, he's actually trying to make a difference, fair play, he doesn't have to, could just get his check, and coast through!
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14 Aug 2012 00:08
Eswin wrote: social mobility is practically nonexistant, more at eleven

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14 Aug 2012 02:56
Social mobility would be possible with good parenting from an early age.
plato the republic wrote: You know that the beginning is the most important part of any work, especially in the case of a young and tender thing; for that is the time at which the character is being formed and the desired impression is more readily taken….Shall we just carelessly allow children to hear any casual tales which may be devised by casual persons, and to receive into their minds ideas for the most part the very opposite of those which we should wish them to have when they are grown up?

We cannot….Anything received into the mind at that age is likely to become indelible and unalterable; and therefore it is most important that the tales which the young first hear should be models of virtuous thoughts.
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14 Aug 2012 08:59
doomed youth is peter hitchens
Noble Locks
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13 Oct 2012 11:03
tomorrow nights the 25th aniversary of the hurricane.
i dropped some bird i was banging home in south harrow after the pub in my red mini 1275gt.
done the business and then fell asleep cos i was so pissed cos charlie hadnt been invented yet.
she went in and i woke up next morning at 6am with trees everywhere all over the roads and the motor was about a 100 foot from where i parked it.
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13 Oct 2012 11:08
Laughing out loud
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16 Oct 2012 23:48
Excuse the bump.

Remember reading that post a while back about someones mate getting with Arabella Drummond and though BS at the time.
My best mate worked at front mag for a bit and confirmed that she's infact married to a UFC fighter, so chances of this one night fling ain't looking high.

Hubby: Jay Read
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16 Oct 2012 23:55
Laughing out loud

whereas i can imagine D4Ns mate looked the complete opposite
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16 Oct 2012 23:56
Was confirmed as BS at the time - there was a photo with her husband on the night it was supposed to have happened Laughing out loud
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16 Oct 2012 23:58
He isn't a Ufc fighter though
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17 Oct 2012 00:08
I asked her on twitter and she blocked me - its true
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17 Oct 2012 01:29
I live next door to Rod Argent csb
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17 Oct 2012 08:31
Fron magazine - shite
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17 Oct 2012 09:43
Here's another one then, this one's a bit better.

Girl that used to work in the downstairs of slam city skates when the supra bit was there (incredibly good looking girl called Saha)…
Turns out she's in loads of adult films (and not the normal type… horse masks, tails, cages, pigs etc, all that kind of stuff.)
Think her alias is "Havana Sin" but can't remember for sure / don't want to google at work.

And i'm quite sure at the end of the story i was told she's in a pretty serious relationship with one of the palace guys?
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17 Oct 2012 09:45
*googling that shit immediately*

Laughing out loud
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17 Oct 2012 09:50
Shit story bro
carl lewis
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17 Oct 2012 10:01
Laughing out loud
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23 Feb 2013 10:17
Edit: wasn't really a cool story
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23 Feb 2013 10:56
Took you 12 hours to realise!? You couldn't even call it a story, let alone a cool one. "I'm in a club and the people I'm with are boring"
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26 Feb 2013 12:58
Went to a pub in the next vilage to watch the football on Sunday afternoon and woke up outside my house at 2am Sunday night/Monday morning with my trousers round my ankles. Dunno if that was my doing or somebody had seen me out for the count and kegged me (I was asleep standing up). Keys were in my pocket. Don't remember a thing after the cup final