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21 Aug 2013 22:53
hejski drops the knowledge bomb. Ubercool

Best first post ever? (unless he's trolling and every place he listed is shit Eye-wink )
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21 Aug 2013 22:55
A man from Copenhagen told me last week that Denmark is not a patch on Norway.
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21 Aug 2013 23:04
I heard a lot of good things about Oslo and Bergen, also heard it is more expensive, but I'm not sure, I planned to go to Oslo after Gothenburg, but ran out of money and had to head back to Copenhagen.
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21 Aug 2013 23:10
That's what he said, costs a lot more.
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22 Aug 2013 08:23
August is insanely expensive in Norway, I wont even travel on business due to holiday price hikes, flights alone are nearly 75% more.
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25 Aug 2013 10:25
I'd say 1000 DKK a day sounds about right, but it can be done cheaper - It really depends on what kind of budget you're on and if you're eating/drinking at restaurants all the time.

Copenhagen guide:

Hotels: (Two main hotel groups First hotels & Arp-Hansen Hotel Groups)
- Nimb
- Skt. Petri
- Hotel 27
- Phoenix
- Wake Up Copenhagen (Cheap)

- Fiskebaren (Fish)
- MASH (Steak)
- Formel B
- Manfreds
- Relæ
- Aamanns (New take on smørrebrød)
- Schønnemann (Traditional take on smørrebrød)
- Bistro boheme
- Pastis
- Fishmarket
- Oyster & Grill
- Scarpetta
- Granola (Break & lunch) (Really cosy street with a lot of cafés)
- Fortunen
- Dyrehaven
- Umami/Damindra/Stick'n'sushi for sushi.
- Fischer (italien)
- Amass
- Noma
- Geranium
- Torvehallerne (Food court) as well.
- Pluto
- 1.t.h
- Kiin Kiin
- Aroii
- Bror
- Alberto K

(For take-away just PM, it's easier.)

Late night grub: (Kebab, pizza, sandwich or burger is pretty much the only thing you can get during the late hours, 02-06)
If in Vesterbro:
- Kebabistan, best kebab in Copenhagen, hands down.
- Isted Grill. Pork sandwich.

If in Nørrebro:
- Beyti, I can recommend their kebab dishes.
- Sheikh Shawarma.
- Dürumbar.

If in the city center:
- Burger king & McD (The usual suspects)
- Pornopizza (Gothergade, just look for the line)
- Hotdog from a "Pølsemand"

- Risteriet
- Coffee collective
- Estate coffee

Going out: (Write me if you want to know what's going on during the weekend, since I happen to DJ at different places)
- Fortunen (Disco, soul or pop - Depends on the night)
- Bakken (Mostly hip-hop now)
- Mesteren & lærlingen (Disco, soul or Hip Hop - Depends on the night)
- Culture Box (Electronic music)
- Simons (Fancy club, with strict door policy, write me if you want on the list)
- Sunday (Fancy club, with strict door policy, write me if you want on the list)
- Drone (Rock'n'roll, Ska, Indie)
- Over stranden

Or hit some local bar in either Vesterbro, København N or Christianshavn. (Write me if you still want recommendations to bars, cheapest, cocktail bar, bars that focus on beer etc.)

- Can (If you're interested in buying records)
- Dorma 21 (Records aswell)
- Norse (Junya, Norse & brands like that. Will be stocking Visvim)
- Storm (Givenchy, Thom Browne etc.)
- Peder & stoffer (Our legacy etc.)
- Birger Christensen (Lanvin, Margiela etc.)
- Wood Wood/Wood wood museum (W-taps, Sophnet, Neighborhood, Head porter, Common Projects etc.)
- Nag (Rick owens, damir doma, margiela)
- Acne (3 stores, really close to each other)

Things to do:
- Rent a bike and bike around, visiting different museums and tourist attractions
- Take one day off and go to Louisiana

For more culture. Look here:

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10 Sep 2013 13:44
Going to Copenhagen on Friday for the weekend with a pal. Last minute thing, and have done a little research here and there but not much. Met a Danish girl out the other night coincidentally and she's wrote me a little list of things to do.

Mainly just posting in here to ask if anyone could recommend me a cheap as fuck but not terrible hostel for 3 nights. I don't have the biggest budget so I'd like to keep the cost down on accommodation, only need it to rest my head really.
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11 Sep 2013 09:58
Haha I like that pornopizza made it into your list hejski. Old classic.

If you like furniture you should also go to Refshaleøen. There are some old warehouses selling all kinds of old design classics. They know they are classics though so not cheap, but some rare stuff can be found.

Also if you're there in the summer months, or can handle cold weather, I would go to Trekroner. It's an old prison/fort island in the middle of the harbor. Very nice place to bring some wine and food. You can get there with the ferries leaving in Nyhavn or cheaper if you catch it by the little mermaid.

Statens museum for kunst should also be on the list especially if you're doing a cheap tour of the city. Entrance to the permanent exhibition is free and the building itself is beautiful. You could have a stroll in Østre Anlæg afterwards. A cosy little park.
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11 Sep 2013 13:32
Post the list Phikz
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12 Sep 2013 14:39
This is the list

Got in touch with a Danish chick I met at worldwide festival and she's said I'm welcome to stay at her and her 3 female friend's apartment over the weekend Cool will probably stay for one night and the other two at a hostel that hejski recommended (thanks).

Problems though… had a sixes game last night, last kick off the game, tussled threw a few defenders and shot with my left foot, was challenged at the same time and all my weight fell on my left leg and jarred my knee area badly, pretty sure I heard or felt something pop, genuinely felt like crying (scored though) Cool Anyway, about 4 hours in A&E and I'm strapped up and on crutches, unable to straighten my leg or bend it all, most probably ligament damage as nothing is broken, will have a proper scan and physio next week. It's behind my knee that's fucked, had troubles with it before but never paid full attention and I think i've well and truly done it in now.

So much for cycling around the city and hitting a few clubs. Pretty pissed, but just one of them..
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12 Sep 2013 15:48
I'm sure they'll have something in Christiania to help you deal with the pain Smiling
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12 Sep 2013 15:54
Thought christiania was shit personally.

Copenhagen in general is great though.
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12 Sep 2013 21:27
Carlsberg museum is free on a sunday and Louisiana museum is definitely worth the trip out of CPH. They've got the infinity mirror room there at the moment, . Meatpacking district and Norrebro are cool but i'd say Louisiana is the best "attraction" i went to
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18 Nov 2013 21:17
Seen a lot of dirt cheap flights to here recently, hotels don't seem too outrageously priced either (understand everythings steep once there though). Tempted to go over for a long weekend at the end of January once Xmas is finished with.

Phikz/Duffman/Anyone else that's been - is it worth a trip? Not overly bothered about nightlife (although will go out), more interested in having a mooch around the city and pretending to be cultured
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18 Nov 2013 21:42
Definitely worth it, I had a great time, was there for only three nights but felt I managed to see and do a lot, and that was on crutches/limping everywhere. Was honestly a really lovely place and I'd recommend it to anyone, especially if you just fancy a few days break and a mooch.
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18 Nov 2013 23:01
if you're into food and good design then it's worth a long weekend. Takes only 15 mins on metro from airport to centre city. Hire a bike. Torvehallerne is great for food - 60 quality food stalls and restaurants in two big, modern market hall buildings. 'Little Paris' (Værnedamsvej) has some good stuff… Granola is a great, well designed place for brunch. Lots of good restaurants and nightlife down by meat packing district. It's cheesy and touristy but Tivoli Gardens at night is mental, worth it just the once. Copenhagen's not got masses to do so not worth a week, but if you're looking just to hang for a while then it's a good place for cafe culture and good design. Food's London prices, booze pricier.
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18 Nov 2013 23:47
Yeah do it. Personally I didn't even think it was that expensive, basically just like London as said.

I used airbnb and we got a really nice place in a really nice area for cheap.
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19 Nov 2013 08:41
Cheers, booked up to go for 4 nights at the beginning of March. Flights were only 52 quid return from Bristol
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10 Feb 2014 16:45
Copenhagen heads, I'm going Friday for a couple of days. I understand its Wondercool this weekend? I have tickets for Conner Mockinson at Bremen, and going to the jackson pollock exhibition at the louisiana - aside from a bit of shopping, is there anything else good I should be checking out this weekend?
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4 Mar 2014 20:54
Off here tomorrow until Sunday - any copenhagen fukers got any info on anything worth checking out this week apart from the usual?