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4 Mar 2014 21:39
so tempted to go there
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5 Mar 2014 10:36
Huxley Pig wrote: Off here tomorrow until Sunday - any copenhagen fukers got any info on anything worth checking out this week apart from the usual?–elektronisk-wonderkid/

List of concerts and smaller gigs going on this week. Youtube the names and google map the adresses and you have a pretty decent list of things going on.
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10 May 2014 14:51
Got back from Copenhagen on sunday. I have been very lucky as it has been warn and sunny for four days in a row, but i've had a great impression of the city. Quite small but so nice. People really seem to live great there. Happy and relaxed.
Stayed in Thorsage\Norrebro, rented a flat via Airbnb, which i highly recommend as the best solution for accomodation.
Also Norrebro is a great location where to stay, as it's close to the city centre, about 30 min walking, but it's very nice at night too.

Apart from the usual things to see, as mentioned on here, Louisiana is absolutely worth the trip. Incredible place.
Renting a bike it's another really good and nice thing to do. As reaching Amager Strand for a nice walk\cycle on the beach.

For what concerns shops, Wood Wood and Norse are both really nice imo. Wide selection in both when i visited. Another nice store is Kyoto on Istedgade, where there are also a lot of shops for women.

Can vouch for Kebabistan and Pornopizza. Hit the first accidentally as soon as i landed in town and their kebabs are huge, good and cheap. I noticed they have two locations, one in Vesterbro\Istedgade and one in Norrebro\Norrebrogade.
Pornopizza's pizza is very good too; passed by and noticed this huge queue so i remembered reading that on here and decided to try it. Worth it, and this is said by an Italian.
Had dinner at Norrebro Grillen Burger Bar on Norrebrogade and burgers are good and big for cheap.
In the Meatpacking district booked a table at PatèPaté and can definitely recommend it. Went for fish and it was delicious. Not cheap but it's a very nice place in a nice location.

For what concerns drinks, a lot of very nice places on Blagarsgade\Norrebro.
Hit Cafè Understellet on Norrebrogade, Plenum on Sankt Hans Torv\Elmegade, and another one on Jægersborggade (very nice street with lots of nice bars, small restaurants and that lovely place that is The Coffee Collective for breakfast).
In Vesterbro had a few beers at Cafe Dyrehaven on Sonder Blvd, but there many nice places around that west side of Istedgade.
If the weather is nice is so good to just have a few beers on the bridge connecting Norrebro to the isle\city centre. Buy them at the supermarket and just chill there or in the park underneath it. The bridge was so full of people i couldn't belive.

If any local can help, it'd be great; i had the feeling that people are very laid back, that they don't have very big nights out as i noticed that pubs\bars were busy but nothing crazy and that a lot of people were at home quite early….don't know if i'm wrong but i didn't get that feeling of people getting wasted etc…

Skateboarding is instead still so popular i noticed which made me wanted to skate again! Skaters everywhere and that huge skatepark Faelledparken was always super busy with kids and non. So cool
I, actually my missus, noted that girls almost wear a uniform, at least in spring. Leather jacket, black denim, Nike Frees. Can't say that most of them don't look good!
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10 May 2014 16:17
Cool great place, can't wait to go back. It's quite hard to describe but it seems there's a sort of calm disposition about the people who live there which makes the atmosphere great. When out drinking especially, but in every aspect really.
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24 Oct 2014 17:11
Anyone been recently? Thinking about a weekend there later in the year
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12 Dec 2014 10:14
would be happy about some recommendations too! mainly to go out and meet People, will be there the Weekend after NYE, just to have a few days on my own.
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12 Dec 2014 10:19
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23 Feb 2015 14:32
Going on wednesday for 2 nights, staying in a nice looking Airbnb apartment next to Ørstedsparken and five minutes from Nørreport station. This thread has some good looking restaurants and other things (a friend has told me about Paté Paté already, and some other nice places).

Going to try and do it on a student budget (and obviously fail because its well expensive and I don't want to look cheap), does anyone have any recommendations they would like to make in general? Only firm plan so far is going to see Iceage on thursday at Jazzhouse.

This article by René Redzepi of Noma is good:
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23 Feb 2015 17:08 - If you're into craft/trendy beer
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posted 23 Feb 2015 17:23, edited 23 Feb 2015 17:23
A friend told me about there as well, looks like a really cool place, heard the decor gives it a great atmosphere. Cheers, will have to check it out.

Off topic, where is your picture from trailofdavid? Saw it on Hookworms gig poster:
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23 Feb 2015 18:26

this pizza place is good, not too expensive either. There can be a bit of a wait for a table as it's pretty popular.
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23 Feb 2015 19:20
^^ Its the artwork for their last album mate. Great band
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24 Feb 2015 02:03
crutch wrote:

this pizza place is good, not too expensive either. There can be a bit of a wait for a table as it's pretty popular.

Good shout, especially on cheap as well cheers.

trailofdavid wrote: ^^ Its the artwork for their last album mate. Great band

Don't know how I didn't clock that, haven't heard the new album yet will have to listen, might see them at Oval Space.
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4 Jun 2015 09:27
Was in Copenhagen at the beginning of May and stayed in Hotel SP34 which is in the Latin Quarter near the university (central location). Restaurant wise I visited the following:, and
Would highly recommend the hotel and all 3 restaurants
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16 Jun 2015 18:27
Had a great 2/3 days in Copenhagen just gone. Thought it was excellent. Tivoli was a bit shit but the rest of the city was class. Did Louisiana and Christiana, hired a bike, went to the football, ate and drank. Urban House hostel has recently opened and was fine (large hostel 500 beds, had a bar and stuff), better than Generator i'd imagine. Didn't think it was that expensive either.
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17 Jun 2015 08:56
After the pound has risen against the euro I would imagine the prices are not that bad. Danish kroner is pegged to the euro. Probably a good time to visit CPH as a brit these days, at least money wise.
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17 Jun 2015 10:17
Was there the other week…Christiana was a bit let down. Worth a trip to lund. Missed out louisiana
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8 Sep 2015 19:55
Moving out here next Wednesday to study a Master's at KU.. In typical fashion I've sorted absolutely fuck all out.Trying to reach out to the few people I know there to find a temporary bed until I find a permanent place to live… I've just left it really late. If there are any heads on here who could help me out I'd be forever grateful Cool
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8 Sep 2015 19:59
What about a private room from Airbnb?
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8 Sep 2015 20:47
That's what I'm going for at the minute, I'm just waiting on approvals. Not really a lot of choice though, and it's expensive compared to average rent.