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8 Sep 2015 23:00
went there last weekend. the standard of the girls there are next level.

christiana was a bit like camden stables. they're really strict about hard drugs there. my friend DJ'd and he was about to drop 'im in love with the coco' but one of the head honchos of christiana wheeled it up (well we all thought that was what he did) but he actually wasnt and told my friend off lol. so yeah, dont get caught with hard drugs in christiana lol
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9 Sep 2015 00:15
Good luck Phikz mate, you will have a great time
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9 Sep 2015 07:31
Any recommendations for Noma style places but without the price tag ?
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9 Sep 2015 08:15
@Phikz. I can probably hook you up with an apartment in a project we have at work. Will send PM.

@Joey: Relæ
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9 Sep 2015 08:47
Or Manfreds across the road
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posted 9 Sep 2015 08:56, edited 9 Sep 2015 08:56
phikz Cool have a good one man. great city + babes

Laughing out loud whoever went to tivoli. why would you do that on a weekend break
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9 Sep 2015 09:02
My favorite restaurant at the moment is Bæst, same owner as Manfreds and Relæ. Concept is italian and everything is organic. They make their own charcuterie and they have a fantastic homemade mozzarella. You pay 300 crowns (around 30 pounds) for 9 dishes and 500 crowns (around 50 pounds) for 15 dishes.
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9 Sep 2015 09:37
swede wrote: phikz Cool have a good one man. great city + babes

Laughing out loud whoever went to tivoli. why would you do that on a weekend break

What's it like? Heard its the best place on earth at Xmas.

Cool thanks for the recommendations
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9 Sep 2015 09:44
yeah im sure its somewhat spectacular at christmas. but it is essentially a posher thorpe park
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9 Sep 2015 12:02
Posher Thorpe Park Laughing out loud
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posted 10 Sep 2015 18:36, edited 10 Sep 2015 18:36
Cheers people. Thankfully I've been hooked up through friends of friends so I'm sorted until the End of Sept now at least.

I've actually been debating the move all summer, which is the main reason for not having it planned out better. Reached a point this past month though where I've thought fuck it, the opportunity is too good to miss. Even if it doesn't completely work out… Once I'm settled though, there'll always be a sofa for the heads Cool
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10 Sep 2015 21:31
Jealous. Have a good one Phikz!
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11 Sep 2015 08:58
I'm going Copenhagen this weekend. My mate moved over there 2 months ago and loves it. Definetly the right decision to give it a go.
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11 Sep 2015 11:33
I'm heading there with the LADS LADS LADS next March. Any recommendations guys?
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11 Sep 2015 21:00
came back from cph last friday, twas great. people are friendly and the women there are fine as hell and can easily guide you to the places you wanna go, some may even approach to help you if you have a confused look on your face. mostly spent money on food than anything else since i'm better off buying from here in the uk. stayed just off norrebro ate at relae, manfreds, granola, torvehallernekbh, lillebror and other places. other than food cph has some really good stores for interior design and homeware, check out HAY, inges vicents keramiker, designkollektivedk and stilleben. there are other small really good independent design and clothes stores if you walk around norrebro and the city centre. besides from consuming other recommendations for visiting include nyhavn, vesterbro, norrebro, christiana, museum louisiana and the general city centre which has a lot of good bars and coffee shops. i only stayed for 4 days and i bought the 72 tourist ticket for travelling around but bear in mind that it only covers zones 1-4 if you want to go museum louisiana you should cop the 24 hour all zone ticket which is about 13 quid. places that are good but i didnt get to check out include neighborhood, madklubben, cofoco, papirøen, radio, mad, noma and a whole bunch of other places. and finally a lotta freaks come out at night in the city centre and christiana area but i guess you have that in london too.
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12 Sep 2015 15:51
I'm standing in Tivoli now. Smiling Don't come on a weekend for the rides. We did them Friday evening with no queues at all really.
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posted 30 Sep 2015 13:48, edited 30 Sep 2015 13:48
Booked to go over Christmas time will need to book an apartment for 5 days as central as possible, airbnb still best place to look?
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30 Sep 2015 20:49
yeah. look around norrebro, thats the spot everybody recommends.
carl lewis
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1 Oct 2015 12:51
Best Hotels to stay in for 3 nights?
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1 Oct 2015 12:54
Hotel Alexandra.