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28 Dec 2015 11:23
There's a wood wood outlet store a short walk away from the main store - good chance for bargains too
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28 Dec 2015 17:36
Goods in Osterbro and a few decent shops in Vesterbrogade (can't remember the names atm)
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19 Jan 2016 12:26
Group of 9/10 of us heading here for a weekend at start of Feb, staying near the station in Vesterbro. Any recommendations for tech/house clubs - we'll probably try Culture Box one of the nights? Is it anything like Berlin where we'll struggle to get in as a group / for being English?

Also any recommendations for cheaper bars & places to eat during the day?
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19 Jan 2016 15:01
Culture box let anyone in. Only limit is capacity.
Well at least they used to. Haven't been there a while.

I've always hated the sorting of people about Berlin clubs.

I would find a weekend guide for the specific weekend you visit to see what's going on instead of going after venues.
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20 Jan 2016 23:20
Cheers - any sites decent for checking lineups? RA doesn't seem to have much
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8 Sep 2016 14:28
Taking the family (2 kids & wife) end of October. Any recommendations please for good places to stay with children? Also interested to hear about child friendly restaurants too.
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28 Feb 2019 08:36
Off here next month for 3 nights, anybody been recently and have any up to date recommendations?

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28 Feb 2019 09:16
Norrebro is good. They call it a multiethnic, poly-cultural society but that's just because of 1 Kebab shop, two turkish people and one Dane that's just a bit more tan than the others.
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posted 28 Feb 2019 09:34, edited 28 Feb 2019 09:34
Grundtvig's church is worth going out your way for, same for Louisiana - but that's definitely a bit of a hike.
If you ever feel inclined to go to Freetown Christiana, reconsider.

Drink is particularly expensive, my personal record so far is €14.50 for a glass of mediocre wine. Go for smörrebröd and those cinnamon roll pastries for the full tourist experience.

If the weather allows for it, rent a bicycle. It's by far the best way to discover the city.
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posted 28 Feb 2019 13:01, edited 28 Feb 2019 13:01
Atelier September for breakfast, Bæst for great pizza, Warpigs for BBQ and beers and Hay House/Norse Store/Goods for shopping.

Also, +1 on Freetown Christiana. Not worth the walk.
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28 Feb 2019 13:10
+1 on the bikes. Really enjoyed zipping about on the Boris bike equivalent
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28 Feb 2019 13:28
As an alternative to bikes, we (I live in Copenhagen) have recently got electric scooters all over the city. You can book them via an app (Tier and Voi). Super easy..

I can recommend Hija de Sanchez for tacos, Slurp for ramen, Kødbyens Fiskebar for fish, and Pluto for Michelin-ish food, without being too expensive.
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28 Feb 2019 13:34
What’s wrong with the Freetown? We loved a wander through there
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28 Feb 2019 16:19
Highly recommend Gasoline Grill for a burger and Sankt Peder's Bakery for a coffee and Danish.

Was there as part of a stag group so didn’t manage to explore too much but will go back at some point, lovely place.

Then rentable scooters are all over, look pretty cool and a good way to get about
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28 Feb 2019 21:59
Would recommend
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posted 28 Feb 2019 23:37, edited 28 Feb 2019 23:37
Meatpacking district area was good for food and drinks
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posted 1 Mar 2019 19:44, edited 1 Mar 2019 19:44
Nørrebro, stick to Blågardsgade, Griffenfeldsgade, Ravnsborggade & Elmegade and around that area,for small boutiques, bars, cafe's and restaurants. Harboe Bar, Faetter Faetter, Ramen to Biiru, Kate's Joint, Gao, Kind of Blue, The Barking Dog, Scala etc. Maybe Gaza Grill on Sankt Hans Torv for late night casual, but quality Palestinian. All of this is all in close proximity. Further up check Stefansgade for more of the same, best way would be to walk through Assistens Kierkegaard (beautiful cemetery).
Vesterbrø/Kødbyen. Magasa for Chinese, Mother for Pizza, Warpigs if you wanna bring out your tattoos, beard and carnivore. Jolene & Bakken for lively vibes. ISSA for an authentic Japanese spot, really liked the place, but wasn't sure on the food. Istedgrill on Istedgade for a pork sandwich takeaway after a drink/partying in Kødbyen, bit of a cult thing.
Østerbro, hit Juno The Bakery for the best pastries I've ever tasted and a walk round Faelledparken (CPH FC Stadium is here too if you're inclined)
Centre - Worth seeing Nyhavn but it's a hotspot for tourists. Apollo Bar at Charlottenborg (check this anyway for art and shit). All the obvious big clothing stores are in the centre. Gasoline Grill bangs for a casual burger. Just explore the centre I guess, pretty small.
Check out La Banchina for a wild card cafe spot, well out of the city on Refshaleøen on a private harbour.

Definitely rent bikes or scooters. It's just a waste of time not to. Worth going to Louisiana too.
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3 Mar 2019 10:41
joeyjojo wrote: What’s wrong with the Freetown? We loved a wander through there

The people.
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3 Mar 2019 10:52
And unless you're really into derelict buildings, random clutter, and shitty graffiti it's a pass too.
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3 Mar 2019 11:19
Anto wrote: Meatpacking district area was good for food and drinks