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11 Jan 2021 22:56
Kingmob07 wrote:
joeyjojo wrote:
fudge.dredd wrote:
joeyjojo wrote: Anyone else feel it’s just a matter of time before you get it ?

Which would make lockdown for a year totally redundant. You don’t ‘kill’ or ‘defeat’ a virus.

All you’re doing is prolonging how long it takes for everyone to get it and (on the whole) get over it.

I don’t think that’s true though because if only one person has corona and they isolate and get over it where can people get it from? Unless someone eats another bat?
But yeah it’s weird a couple I know here have literally not done a thing since last May. Barely been out; only to there local whop 50 m away. Haven’t seen anyone, gone anywhere etc. Just stayed and worked in their flat and they both got it a few weeks ago. All that for nothing you’ve basically wasted 6 months of your life.

Wow, and I was starting to wonder why we were in another Lockdown.

…. that isn’t true ? But where does it ‘live’ ???