Random Fashion Questions: Crep Protect???

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20 May 2013 01:57
Anyone seen this? Just saw an advert on some obscure Sky channel and googled it.
If its anything like the videos its very hydrophobic and seems to be only £10.

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20 May 2013 03:10
After watching the video I was totally in to buy it. Then …

But the product does look good.
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20 May 2013 08:52
Crep protect is made by j2k ain't it? More than enough reason not to buy
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20 May 2013 09:48
looks shit hot if it actually works like it shows. someone buy some and report back
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20 May 2013 10:55
Didnt this get brought up before, remember someone saying it makes them completely unbreathable, so sweaty and smelly as fuck shoes. If so still be alright for winter I guess
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20 May 2013 14:34
deuce wrote: someone buy some and report back

pm menace
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25 May 2013 22:57
Ordered a can, will report when I receive it.
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29 May 2013 00:08
bin out for time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7is6r6zXFDc
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29 May 2013 00:15
related videos;
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29 May 2013 00:27
reminds me of the old corn flour and water experiment in science class at secondary school.. good tyms
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29 May 2013 13:11
Its sounds too much like crap product to me
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29 May 2013 13:20
The never wet super hydrophobic videos have been out for years, but never knew the product was out… can imagine it holding in moisture, probably best to just use it around the midsole and front, leaving all the breathable holes alone.
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29 May 2013 13:38
What a load of shite.

There's a shitload of similar, cheaper products you can get on eBay for next to nothing.

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1 Jun 2013 13:53

Don't know about Crep Protect but "Always Dry" seemed to do the trick on my FBT's.
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1 Jun 2013 15:00
I've got some, cant say I"ve experienced any sweaty feet problems mentioned earlier.

Had some on my air max 1 milanos today and had the misfortune of being shat on by a seagull.

Got a fair splash on the front at the bottom of the laces. Gave them a rinse under a tap and it literally ran off.

good product, cant really fault it…. other than Joey Essex endorsement….
Mr 88
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1 Jun 2013 15:01
Tried it on any footwear which aren't as breathable as FBT's?
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1 Jun 2013 15:32
I've done my FUKnits - but they're more breathable than FBTs.

According to their product blurb - it just coats the threads with the super hydrophobic stuff - so in short the material remains breathable.

I don't have particularly sweaty feet but I can't say I've noticed any change.

Can use it on garms too, if you feel so inclined.
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30 Jul 2013 18:28
Where are people buying this stuff? some on ebay but like £20 delivery because it's classed as dangerous goods.
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30 Jul 2013 18:41
Think Bank were stocking it.
Only 1 can per order on crep protect website apparently. Anyone tried it on suede?
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4 Jan 2014 15:21
Has anyone used this on any of their better suede shoes? Got given a can for xmas, tempted to have a crack on my Red Wings but concerned if it'll have any lasting defects on softer suedes. Any insight appreciated.