General Discussion: customs fuckers

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9 Mar 2018 14:41
pray 4 rez
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9 Mar 2018 15:02
Laughing out loud

Swede you love this thread, has customs hurt you bad before?
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10 Mar 2018 11:35
had a fair few run-ins with customs in my time. for clothes I rarely find it is worth the hassle. especially if the clothes are brand new etc. bike parts is a different story. especially if they are from china. can mark them down super low
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10 Mar 2018 12:51
If dealing with proxy sometimes it works well to send the 1st payment to buy the product then a 2nd payment later (with description on the payment) for fees and shipping, declare the latter then if they ask for proof you can send them the paypal payment as proof. Could be a bit difficult if buying direct but works well on proxy services should you ever run in to customs.
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10 Mar 2018 16:40
^ this