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25 Jan 2020 22:23
Looking at getting a "new" road bike this year, not sure whether to go for new or used.

Currently have a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 2012


Budget around £2000-£2500
Fairly lightweight (I guess anything more up-to-date is going to be an improvememt on what I have currently)
Mechanical groupset. I don't really feel that I need Di2, and at my budget would be compromising in other areas to get it.
I have some Campag Zonda wheels that I would probably put on to new bike if they were better than what was on, this would rule out disc brakes though.

Any suggestions?

My riding; currently doing just club runs/solo rides. Looking at doing some ~100mi sportives this year, no plans to do anything competitive. I'm 6ft 4, my Bianchi is 59cm and feels compact but comfortable. I hired an XL Giant TCR in Mallorca last year and felt like I was over-reaching. I got pains in the base of my neck after about 50mi, whether the two are related I'm not sure.