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29 May 2020 19:47
Ta Cool
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29 May 2020 20:04
Anyone dealt with a cannondale BB creaking? I've been looking into it and there seems to be two options a C-Bear BB or BBinfinite BB.

The cbear is cheaper and avaliable in the UK. Also I'll have to go to the LBS to get it done so can't take it out and try to fix it myself.

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posted 29 May 2020 20:06, edited 29 May 2020 20:06
yep - but first check your QR skewers are done up tight, as well as the lockring if using hollowgram cranks. more common causes of creaking

if not just walk away from it and sell the thing
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31 May 2020 20:48
Anyone shipped a bike from the US before (to UK), if so what cost was it roughly?