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1 May 2015 07:02
where from Matt?

The new colours poc's are a bit cheaper £195 and Evans a 10% code for helmets, I've seen them for 175 in a couple of other places too, I really should go for something cheaper, and put the difference towards a decent Groupset
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1 May 2015 09:41
I work in the specialized shop in covent garden (owned by cycle surgery) part time. I'll be in tomorrow I can find out if there's any decent codes or good sale helmets.
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posted 1 May 2015 10:22, edited 1 May 2015 10:22
I have a kask vertigo which I really like but I got it for cheaaaaaap (less than half of current RRP). Madness paying anything over £100ish for a helmet imo.
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posted 3 May 2015 18:47, edited 3 May 2015 18:47
I've got a Giro Synthe (from 7hundred in Windsor) they fit very very well, the rocloc 2 or whatever bullshit they call it is really good, best helmet for fit and secure feeling I've had is the Troy Lee A1 MTB Helmet, if id rate the TLD as a 10, the Giro would be a 9 certainly, weighs nothing as well, i wore it to a national XC race as well, more or less everyone else was in road helmets

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3 May 2015 19:26

1000 miles on this muck and it's been nothing but great
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3 May 2015 19:51
…can you explain the geo of this bike fläsket? i guess the length of the seatpost is normal for the frame?

like the look of the bike though, looks hella fun to ride! …like a tank with the tires Cool
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3 May 2015 20:21
yeah it's got quite a slopping top tube. essentially mtn geo with drop bars. i hiked the post up a bit even more yesterday so i could ride with my thick soled sandals Laughing out loud
just been cruisin at 25-30 psi.
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3 May 2015 21:20
are they salsa bags (made by Revelate)? I'm after a Revelate Piko seat bag, how you getting on with it?
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3 May 2015 21:32
they're the standard viscacha and tangle packs. definitely worth the cash in my opinion. use em all the time cramming beaucoup stuff in em. the pica is just a tad smaller than the viscacha. would you be using it for your krampus?

for the moment i'm just using a folding chair bag up front strapped to an anything cage hd. it's clumsy, but is doing the job for now. i may grab one of the rubberized salsa bags eventually..
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posted 4 May 2015 08:54, edited 4 May 2015 08:54
Fläsket wrote: essentially mtn geo with drop bars.
that's what made me curious.
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4 May 2015 18:31
Wouldn't fancy taking a sup outta that bottom bottle after trawling through a sheep shit infested Welsh forest trail Smiling
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4 May 2015 19:25
its got a screw top, the contents will be alright Eye-wink my bottle looked like this the other week Sick!

regarding the bag, its for longer Audax rides, got one starting at 5am, this week, could need a change of clothes weather depending
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5 May 2015 07:20
mud Eek
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5 May 2015 08:46
drivetrain was messy as well, chain stayed on though Smiling

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9 May 2015 15:20
Decent start to the Giro. No great surprise at an Orica win, but a good afternoon
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12 May 2015 14:26
Roll on summer…

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posted 12 May 2015 22:47, edited 12 May 2015 22:47
Anyone got any experience with the BMC Alpenchalenge? I'm stuck between the ac01 sora and ac02 deore.

I tried the ac02 out today and I really liked it, I preferred it the Cannondale Badboy that originally set out to buy, I also have the ac01 on the way to try, both are priced at £900 although the ac01 should be £1000 but has 10% off

The reviews of the ac01 are really good it appears to be very fast and light, but from the review sounds like it will be shit off road!
I don't intend mountain biking on the thing but I will be going on some trails canal paths etc, looking at the specs it sounds like you can't really go bigger than 32c on the tires, I will be using it to ride to work as well which is about 8.5 mile and a bit hilly, but I'm about as unfit as it gets so the lack of gears worries me a little too.

The ac02 has700 x 37 tires and the deore group set so I would presume it would be better off road and on hills but I doubt it will be as quick, I cant find any reviews anywhere so I'm just guessing.

Anyone got any advice? I am open to other options but I really like the look of the BMC's plus I'm getting it on the ride to work scheme so limited to Evans I don't really want to spend more than £900 either as I'm already adding cash to my voucher, I can upgrade parts etc as I go along though
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13 May 2015 07:39
Have you looked into regular mtb hardtails as well? They are more versatile and can cover all of the terrain you are listing there. You could buy another wheelset or alternate between slicks and proper mtb tires when you are looking to go off road
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posted 13 May 2015 08:25, edited 13 May 2015 08:25
I was close to pulling the trigger on one of the higher spec Alpenchelenges last year but decided that it was just too handsome for city use. Flash bike = stolen bike.

The range is really geared towards the road side of hybrid. You will have serious problems with traction and punctures if you attempt even the most basic off-road. The rigidity of the frame will also make rutted tracks very jarring and uncomfortable.

Despite being road-oriented, the frame's geometry is still very much designed for city use. City bikes prioritise visibility, maneuverability and comfort over aerodynamics and efficiency. I wouldn't fancy doing an 8.5 mile commute in an upright position with flat handlebars. It's a very inefficient riding position.

If i were you I'd be looking at cyclocross/gravel/adventure bikes. They have fast-road geometry but fatter knobbled tyres and are designed to be compliant on off-road surfaces.!!price_from=500;price_to=1000;on_sale=;sort=desc;
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13 May 2015 09:07
^agree, maybe something like the Genesis Croix de Fer