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14 May 2015 08:54
the reach cant be right on that london frame? 53cm on small - thats 10cm more than a 63cm caad10.
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posted 14 May 2015 14:25, edited 14 May 2015 14:25
New/old bike. Guy I bought it from had it custom built, rode it a few times and then had to give up due to health so it had been sitting unused for 10 years or so. All in near new condition, made of Columbus Ultrafoco steel, Campagnolo Centaur 10 speed groupset with some nice bits - titanium Record hubs/Mavic Open Pro with ti/steel Record cassette, full carbon Look HSC-2 forks, Use carbon Alien seatpost. Less than 9kg not bad for steel. OK, the paintjob aint for everyone…

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14 May 2015 14:35
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19 May 2015 11:43
Them Poc Octal helmets you were after are half price here Russ
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19 May 2015 17:16
had a wee low speed off yesterday, raised bit of iron works between the drop kerb and road,

Fibula broken in 2 places, Tibia broken, waiting for swelling to go down before surgery, said it might not happen before the weekend, looks to be ligament damage as well, minimum 6 weeks in a cast, screws, plates, possible need to have an additional screw added to keep it all together which they will remove after 8 weeks should the need arise, bollocks Sad

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19 May 2015 17:34
Fuck! Hope the recovery is as quick as poss
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19 May 2015 23:25
shit bro… hope you get better soon
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20 May 2015 10:25
oh shit. heal up jesus
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20 May 2015 16:22
Bad that, get better soon. Will pray for Jesus.
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20 May 2015 17:04
gutted for you jesus mate. hopefully you have access to a hand trike or something while in the cast?
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20 May 2015 18:53
Ouch get well soon dude
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20 May 2015 19:18
Raw deal, hope you heal up quick!
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26 May 2015 11:30
only had surgery last night, been on bed rest since last Monday, should be discharged today, 6 weeks no weight bearing coming up Shocked
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26 May 2015 11:36

Hope you're fighting fit soon.
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27 May 2015 13:10
Grail status.. absolute beauties them

BENi wrote: Roll on summer…

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29 May 2015 17:50
those are cool.

wouldn't mind some of these
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posted 31 May 2015 17:41, edited 31 May 2015 17:41
Anyone tried to get compensation after having an accident caused by a pothole?

Was out with my girlfriend yesterday and she's broken her collar bone after hitting a pothole and going arse over tit.

I'm not the type of person to cry about stuff like this but she's locumming at the moment so will be out 3 grand as she can't work.
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1 Jun 2015 07:23
Sad poor girl that really sucks
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1 Jun 2015 19:03
Gutted for all the injured people on here at the moment - hope you heal up ok Jesus. At least the walking on water skills should come in handy for the hydrotherapy rehab…

I’ve decided to give up BMX this year (riding seriously anyway) after 15 years because of injuries.

Any Brompton riders on here? Just joined the fold with a S2L Ti in Raw Lacquer - so much fun to ride! Been inspired by some of the weight weenie builds I’ve seen so going to try and get it down to around 8.5/9kg:

Already ordered:
ESI Racers Edge grips
J&L ti riser bars
Brompification ti hinge clamp set
Fizik Arione R1 braided carbon rail saddle
Hylix carbon seatpost (though may switch this for a Brompification ti one)
Brompification ti quick release seat clamp and rear frame clip
Brompification magnesium platform pedals w/ ti spindles
Brompification ti bolt set and brake bolt set
Ti Parts Workshop alu easy wheels w/ ti bolts
NOV alu chain tensioner

Getting next payday:
Chris King headset
Campagnolo Centaur carbon cranks
New wheels (Phil Wood hubs/Velocity AeroHeat rims/Sapim CX-Ray spokes)

Can’t wait till it starts to look a bit more like some of these:

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1 Jun 2015 20:15
^ They look awesome, never even considered that Bromptons could look semi decent as I only ever see them used by office workers on trains