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22 Aug 2015 19:54
Posted a few pages back, SC Nomad CC.

Forper wrote: what bike you got?
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23 Aug 2015 06:08
if there were bikes in Back to the Future that would have been the 1985 take on 2015
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29 Aug 2015 15:02
Anyone recommend a nice looking wall mount for a bike?
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10 Sep 2015 21:45
ole ole!
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11 Sep 2015 07:57
looks good!
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11 Sep 2015 10:12

easily one of the sickest builds i've seen.
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20 Sep 2015 15:23
Everyone on here ride a compact? Has anyone gone from a triple to a compact?

Will be looking to get a new bike in the new year and the Specialized and Bianchis I'm looking at are all compacts. I'm used to a triple, so does it make much difference?
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30 Sep 2015 19:20
Superprecise wrote: a lightweight brompton will be great fun, go for it.

short update for anyone interested

it’s currenly down to around 9kg so super easy to carry around one-handed which makes a big difference for portability when changing tube lines etc. Lots of fun to ride round town and still comfortable over longer (60 mile plus) distances. Climbs well too (even managed cote de jenkin road on it when I was in Sheffield a few weeks ago!)

spec-wise it’s an S2L titanium with the following upgrades:
Brompification hinge clamp set
Ti Parts Workshop alu easy wheels
Brompification magnesium pedals
NOV Design ti handlebar catch bolt set and carbon lower stop disc
Ergon GP1 leather grips, USE Atom flat carbon bar, Chris King gripnut threaded headset (just for Swede…)
Brooks Swift ti rail saddle, Brompification ti seatpost, QR seat clamp and rear frame clip
NOV Design 2-speed alu chain tensioner with carbon pulleys, ti spindles, ti washers and ti axle nuts

at some stage I’ll also be getting some 17Carbon carbon fibre mudguards, new wheelset (Phil Wood hubs/Velocity AeroHeat rims/Sapim CX-Ray spokes) and new crankset (Dura Ace 7710) - so it will be pretty much complete then - and hopefully around 8.5kg

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30 Sep 2015 21:02
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1 Oct 2015 08:40
60 mile rides on a brompton!

although i slagged it off before it is pretty bling Cool
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1 Oct 2015 08:58
hooray I'm back on the bike, did a quick 40km yesterday, flat as a pancake, 20mph average,only one hill tony short hill, cannot climb for fuck Laughing out loud

bought this to build in winter as well, Open O-1.1 and Lauf Forks

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1 Oct 2015 11:52
What the fuck are those forks? Ubercool
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1 Oct 2015 12:03
what surfaces are you going to be riding that on?
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1 Oct 2015 12:22
^^ do like the look of that Brompton trystero, how much that set you back out of interest? would love to do that on a budget
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1 Oct 2015 13:38
What the fuck are those forks?

what surfaces are you going to be riding that on?

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1 Oct 2015 14:18
A mateseligible for cycle to work scheme, anyone got any recommendations for a stock road bike for someone looking to get into the sport or will he get more for his money looking second hand?
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posted 1 Oct 2015 14:20, edited 1 Oct 2015 14:20
Check out Giant Defy 1, comes out quite well for road bikes under £1000 in reviews
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1 Oct 2015 15:09
If he gets his arse Evans quickly he'll be able to pick up a 2015 Specialized Roubaix for around a grand (down from £1300)
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1 Oct 2015 17:27
I've got a pair of Green Oury lock on grips that were sent to me in error.

Anyone want 'em before I send them back for a refund? £10 posted.
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1 Oct 2015 17:53
Jesus wrote: hooray I'm back on the bike…
Cool Nice one, J.