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14 Apr 2022 07:40
Load of Sportful on Sportpursuit at 50%
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14 Apr 2022 18:30
JustinCredible wrote: Be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this (and whether or not transgender men / women should be allowed to compete in other sports vs people of opposite birth sex).

I just can't see how the formative years of being a man with all of the physiological advantages can't still be a huge advantage post transition.

I won’t pretend to know the answer to whether trans women should be allowed to compete in elite sports. However, British Cycling asked Emily to prove that she had reduced testosterone levels for a period of 12 months in order to be eligible to race. Once that 12 months was up they did a massive u-turn and suspended their transgender policy. That doesn’t sit right with me…
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22 Apr 2022 06:24
Does anybody on here own a Vanmoof?
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12 Jun 2022 08:16
I know this question gets asked all the time but where is the best place to look for second hand sales?
Are there any companies selling second hand?

Looking for a surly straggler/midnight special.

Ideally looking for new but considering that’s impossible, thought I’d look at the second hand market. Checked LFgss and findthatbike.

Cheers in advance.
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12 Jun 2022 08:52
cycle exchange in Kingston sell high end second hand bikes although doubt you’ll get very far looking there. Just keep checking eBay/lfgss/bikeradar/weightweenies
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12 Jun 2022 13:35
try specific surly Facebook groups, see if there is a straggler one, I used to be a member of the krampus one which is still quite active

singletrackworld/pinkbike for sale/wanted forum maybe as well?
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22 Jun 2022 15:16
Babysitting a second corgi so I rigged a basket on the rear of my bike. Biking around with these two goobers is pretty awesome

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23 Jun 2022 08:55
Cool Hope you give them both turns up front
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24 Jun 2022 14:23
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24 Jun 2022 14:38
love it.

Just got this on cycle to work scheme: , really enjoying it.
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24 Jun 2022 14:41
Sickery habitual!
swiftus wrote: Cool Hope you give them both turns up front
Laughing out loud

Every once in a while in get the urge to ride on a skinny tired bike. Would love to have a go on this sucker -