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20 Jul 2011 11:06
kryptonite ny fahgettaboudit mini

And something else.

And re insurance.
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31 Jul 2011 11:15
Gnarly off on a down hill trail this morning, jagged rock came up and bit me. Fucked up a pair of Bolle glasses that have been my staple bins for the last 10 years. Oakley's the way to go?

Yeah OK, I didn't fall off - I dropped 'em and stepped on the fucking things as I was getting my bike out of the shed.
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31 Jul 2011 21:01
have not owned a bike since 1985 but i really want one. want to spend no more than 250 and will be for leisure only.

is this the best i can do for my dollar?:

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31 Jul 2011 23:45
Why would a middle aged, middle class, affluent person restrict themselves to £250? It's a bike, it'll last 20 years if you want it to, spend some more and buy a nice one.
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1 Aug 2011 08:19
That Carrera is ok and will do what you need it but it's difficult to get excited about. Bit like if someone posted on here asking for advice about George at Asda clothes.

This Kona is heavily discounted (40% off is very rare on full bikes) and looks a bit more unusual and interesting:

There's other stuff out there but you'll need to stretch to £500 or so for something reasonable.
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1 Aug 2011 10:47
That kona is horrible.

You can get a decent used mountain bike for £250, but I'd stretch to £500 and get a specialized or trek.
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1 Aug 2011 11:07
I'm not stretching to 500. I want to spend no more than £250 - it might be used once a week for a couple of hours if I'm lucky and it wont be going over anything too bumpy.

dont want anything fancy or flash, just something that isnt too heavy, complicated or looks shit
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1 Aug 2011 15:18
If you haven't ridden since 1985 then most probably anything you buy will be an improvement on what you had then.

Do you want front suspension or fixed forks?

I think you get a bit more for your money buying a mountain bike rather than a dedicated hybrid bike.

£250 seems to be a tricky price - even a little over that gives you much more choice, below that is a false economy really in my opinion.

Some alternatives to the Carrera:


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1 Aug 2011 15:26

I have ridden since 85, just have not owned a bike.

want fixed forks

are any of the above better than the carrera I posted?

do the above come assembled - cant change a plug let alone build a bike.
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1 Aug 2011 15:53
Mail-order bikes are usually sent in a box with the wheels removed, and the handlebars loosened and turned through 90 degrees.

The wheels are a piece of piss - several of those I linked have quick-release levers on the wheels, so they don't require a spanner. You just hook the chain over the cogs and slot the wheel into place, then push the lever up.

The handlebars just need to be turned 90 degrees then tightened with an Allen key.

I would say all of the ones I posted are better spec'd than the Carrera. By paying a little bit more than £250 you get better quality components which are more likely to last you longer and cause you less problems.

Interestingly the Carrera has "mountain bike gears" on the front (42/32/22T is the number of teeth on each of the front cogs) whereas all the hybrids I posted have 48/38/28 which seems more normal for city / hybrid bikes.
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1 Aug 2011 17:27
You're probably best off with the Carrera rather than mail order stuff as you can drop it back to Halfords if anything goes wrong, and it will come fully assembled. It's definitely worth the extra £28 to get the model above tho as it has disc brakes.
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1 Aug 2011 18:55
everyone will think you're lame on a carrera.

get the specialised or scott and be cool.
Mr X
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1 Aug 2011 22:03
Until you get your Scott nicked. PM my brother…. Oddly he didn't give a shit.
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1 Aug 2011 23:20
thanks for the advice all - can't say i understand what some of it means but its attractive to go to halfords to get it fixed like the simon says as there's one 5 mins from my front door, though tempted my some of the deals andy has posted
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2 Aug 2011 01:32
Halfords bike service is legendarily awful, they're famous for putting the front forks on backwards when assembling bikes.
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2 Aug 2011 09:02
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2 Aug 2011 09:20
Niceone, was trying to remember that website.
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2 Aug 2011 09:35
dee Cool
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8 Aug 2011 16:01
Selling some bike related stuff at lfgss boards;
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9 Aug 2011 18:53
maybe OFN but this is cool