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19 Jun 2018 13:08
andymakesglasses wrote: Obviously go to Red Square if you haven't already. Kremlin tours are worth doing and have a look in the Gum (Гум, pronounced "goom") department store for something a bit less North Korea.

Park Zaryadye (Парк Зарядье) is a big new park on the banks of the river, keep walking past St. Basil's Cathedral from Red Square. There's a platform that sticks out over the river with great views of the Kremlin. It's particularly good at sunset.

Beyond the New Tretyakov gallery (Новая Третьяковка) (worth a visit if you like modern art) is a kind of Soviet era sculpture graveyard, busts of Lenin and USSR (CCCP) signs and so on. If you like older art there's also the State Tretyakov Gallery (Государственная Третьяковская Галерея) and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Музей изобразительных искусств им. А.С. Пушкина).

Make sure you go on the Metro, the architecture of some of the stations is fantastic. Komsomolskaya (Комсомольская), Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Площадь Революции), Mayakovskaya (Маяковская), Kiyevskaya (Киевская), Prospekt Mira (Проспект Мира) and Arbatskaya (Арбатская) are a few good ones. It's not particularly non-Russian user-friendly but the main central stations now have ticket machines with an English option. You can also do guided Metro tours (just Google it).

Old Arbat Street (Улица Арбат) for tourist tat. The Eric the Red pub is decent (Эрик Рыжий) if you're in the area.

Jawsspot is a good bar on the top of the Nautlius shopping centre, Nikolskaya 25 (Никольская, 25). It has a roof terrace overlooking the Lubyanka building (KBG / FSB) and serves decent pizza. Worth going for the view alone. You need to take the escalators up to the last but one floor then a lift up to the top floor. Slightly random toilet arrangements though, they're outside the bar around a corner in an unused bit of the shopping centre.

There are quite a few craft beer type places around Taganskaya (Таганская) and Marksistskaya (Марксистская) metro stations, Varka (Варка) is my favourite. Craft & Draft is also decent.

Moscow Central Market (Центральный, pronounced Centralniy) for food. Mu Mu (Му Му) is a cheap and cheerful chain serving classic Russian dishes. Zotman is decent for pizza, the same people also run Haggis which is a kind of Russian take on a British gastro pub. Fresh is really good for vegetarian food. White Rabbit if you're feeling topper. Farsh (Фарш) for burgers (they run loads of restaurants).

Kuzentsky Most (Кузнецкий Мост) for shopping (good café / restaurant there too).

Artplay and Winzavod are contemporary arts centres that quite often have interesting things going on. There's loads of stuff to do / see at VDNKh (ВДНХ, pronounced "vuh duh en ha") but it's massive and not that set up for just wandering really. The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (Рабочий и колхозница) statue there is impressive. The Moscow Times is good for finding out about what's on.

The Cosmonauts Museum (Мемориальный Музей Космонавтики) is fairly interesting if you like that kind of thing, lots of Yuri Gagarin stuff and Belka and Strelka (unceremoniously stuffed).

Let me know if you want anything more specific. Where are you staying?
awesome. thank you so much.

a few of the places that you mentioned have popped up on a few lists I have already.

I'm working on Red Sq and staying South East (about 20min walk).

Surprised by the craft beer scene here to be honest. seem to get a decent pint in most areas.

Are there any decent shops worth checking out? Gum is impressive but overrun with footy fans right now.

found the place to be pretty pleasant to be honest, despite being a bit north korea/disney world like.

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19 Jun 2018 15:05
Go to the Sanduny bath house and go all in. It is a very nice experience both in terms of a spa but even more so for the cultural feel.
It somehow just feels Russian to be beaten with leaves in a shvitz and go pull a bucket of ice water on your head afterwards.
You can get massages, peels and whatnot plus food and drinks.

May be a bit expensive for Russia but don't scimp. Go all in!

If you are traveling with women be aware that the women's section is quite small.
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posted 19 Jun 2018 15:38, edited 19 Jun 2018 15:38
themistake wrote: I'm working on Red Sq and staying South East (about 20min walk).

Possibly not far from where my mother-in-law stays! The Taganskaya / Marksistkaya bars might be good for you then.

themistake wrote: Surprised by the craft beer scene here to be honest. seem to get a decent pint in most areas.

I'm only there once a year these days and every year there are so many more places compared to the year before. Decent bars used to be few and far between (and drinking in bars was largely a men only activity) but there are good places all over the city centre now and it's much more relaxed than it was.

Saldens, Jaws, Wolfs Brew, Bakunin and Victory Art Brew are some Russian breweries to look out for. Saldens in particular do some interesting porters (chilli, raspberry and so on as well as more normal ones).

themistake wrote: Are there any decent shops worth checking out?

What do you think this is, a fashion forum?! Flacon is worth a visit, a mixture of small and big brand shops, restaurants, design agencies and other independent businesses. Project Volna / 21 shop might be your kind of thing from memory.

Also Trend Island, Tsvetnoy Central Market, Kixbox and Grunge John (I've not been to any of these though).

I forgot to mention Eliseevskiy before. It's a food shop just up Tverskaya (go out the north-west end of Red Square and keep going) with a fantastic pre-Revolution interior.

themistake wrote: found the place to be pretty pleasant to be honest, despite being a bit north korea/disney world like.

Avoid the suburbs. Eye-wink The city centre's pretty cool but I know what you mean about Disney World-like, they're not very sympathetic with their restorations.