Menswear: An UnDefinitive List of Online Retailers?

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25 Oct 2012 14:24
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5 Nov 2012 22:39
Wasn't sure where to put this…Has closed? Fb page is down, website goes to a photography site Puzzled
Hope not.
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10 Nov 2012 14:19
can someone who has returned items to tres bien please advise me on the best courier service to sweden?

went to the PO today, quoted £40 delivery because my package is over 2 kilos…
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10 Nov 2012 14:23
Split into more than one package.
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19 Nov 2012 19:36
Not strictly online, but went to 'The Library' in South Ken for the first time in years. Forgot it was still there. Clothing's probably a bit too 'niche' for most on here, but was really well presented, staff were friendly.
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26 Nov 2012 09:52
Do Inventory mark down when asked?
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26 Nov 2012 09:54
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3 Dec 2012 12:12
A friend of mine has just launched her new online vintage shop -

The focus is on carefully selected items from well known brands. You'll find stuff from Ralph Lauren, Pendleton, Aquascutum etc on there.
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23 Jan 2013 19:03
Opened my website late last year, selling affordable men's vintage & streetwear. Too many times as a broke student I saw clothes I wanted in similar stores but got put off by the price and I knew I could do better. You can check out the site at

If you like the facebook page (link through on the website homepage) I post product updates (new products nearly every day) and discounts and competitions (one recently for £25 to spend instore)

Here's a few product shots so it's not just a wall of text

Let me know if you have any feedback or questions, always open to suggestions
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1 Feb 2013 16:34
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2 Feb 2013 23:07
phish wrote: placed an order at menlook last night. had an email today asking for the following;

- A copy of the bank card used for the payment

- A copy of the front and back of your valid identity
(ID card, passport or driving license)

- Proof of address (bills…)

is this standard? seems excessive.

Yeah we have to ask for it from customers sometimes too. Can be for a number of reasons.
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2 Feb 2013 23:20
Yeah it's quite normal, usually a problem with csc match.