Menswear: An UnDefinitive List of Online Retailers?

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21 Jul 2009 16:02
obvious one but not on the list:
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25 Aug 2009 14:55
I'm a little biased, but may I suggest It's very Paypal friendly.

Dave (The Web Guy)

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25 Aug 2009 17:09
I don't see why not Dave. As long as you pop the odd discount code on here from time to time Eye-wink

I'll add it now.
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25 Aug 2009 17:16
while we are on
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25 Aug 2009 21:18
Thanks Stanleyboy, I'll be sure to share everything!
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27 Aug 2009 00:12
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8 Sep 2009 15:40

Launched this with work in the last few weeks, doubt it will be many FUK'ers cup of tea but if anyone wants a discount on anything give me a shout.

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8 Sep 2009 15:50
advice: change the colour of the men/womens tabs so that the current one is black rather than white, it took me 3 clicks on the 'Mens' tab to realise that it was already highlighted.

edit: actually itll still be ambiguous if you do that, the problem is that there's only 2 tabs so itll never be obvious what colour youre using for the selected one, maybe add a graphic that makes one look higher/lower or bolded when its selected?
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8 Sep 2009 16:12
Or maybe disable the click on the selected tab.
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8 Sep 2009 16:47
Yeah noticed the tab needs editing will speak to the developer later.

Thanks guys
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8 Sep 2009 16:56 & are totally different companies now can we seperate them on the list? My company bought out all the Van Mildert stores apart from the Sunderland one which is very confusing I know!
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11 Sep 2009 13:23 also this would probably be more useful………. in European markets.
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11 Sep 2009 14:08
i dont think you buy from the surface to air online store anymore ,or even view it.
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17 Sep 2009 11:02

Got some nice pieces not always available here.
frosty jack
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17 Sep 2009 12:42
Anyone know whats happened to hash clothing? Been down for a few weeks now.
Giaroye Clothing
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13 Oct 2009 18:33
check this
Mens independent fashion label (paypal friendly)

Giaroye captures the scent of modern Britain,
embracing its traditions with elements of inner
city youth culture. Giaroye’s influence is
reflected in the look, which is easy to wear,
casual smart, with all the right components
of the modern British Man
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13 Oct 2009 18:39
the modern Britsih Man uses a smartphone. WebsiteFAIL. Also, copywritingFAIL. Awful. You might have a good site, but i'm a modern British Man, using a smartphone.
Giaroye Clothing
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15 Oct 2009 10:35
Point taken the homepage is flash thats why it didnt show up on your smartphone try this link on your smartphone
Mordern Bristish Man

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21 Nov 2009 20:55
a2 in brum's online shop is open now

Acne, LVC, Our legacy, Wings & Horns etc
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21 Nov 2009 21:00 can be added

Paypal friendly as well