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24 Nov 2011 16:30
Personally think they look terrible anyway, too much stacking and too slim fitting. Rise looks too short as well. And before anyone says it, I'm fully aware that my jeans are looser than most people on here would prefer, but he looks like he's wearing girls jeans.
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24 Nov 2011 19:03
If you think those look like girls jeans what happens when you see a bloke in april77s?

I have a pair of sz 25 new cures as well Laughing out loud

Both the NS and NC are a touch tight but both were ridiculously cheap so I ain't complaining
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24 Nov 2011 20:39
that dudes stole shtoops lifted leg pose.
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26 Nov 2011 12:19
1967 505's or New Standards? My 47 501's are beat and more suitable for summer now, would buy another pair but they've jumped a bit in price since I last looked. If I'm going down the "brand synergy" route then the 505s are my thing but I've always liked the generic look of APC and the fact the New Standards cost 20 quid less does make a difference at the minute. I'm undecided, someone sway me, they'll be the only new pair of jeans I own in the next 6 months so durability is important. I know someone has mentioned the sizing above but what size should I get in New Standards, I'm around a 33-34 in most jeans/trousers and I rarely wear a belt, the sizing issues has always put me off a little. Cheers
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26 Nov 2011 12:37
As others have already said, props to the Denim Doc - just got some 505s back from him that he has tapered w/ chain stitched hems. Turned them around quickly, great price and quality job, won't have to worry about taking my jeans anywhere else again. Cool
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26 Nov 2011 18:44
I know there's a fit guide above, but the measurements don't really mean much to me, so can someone please tell me which cut of Edwins fit the most similar to APC New Standards?