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24 Oct 2008 14:07
okay - so I tried on the raw New Standards one size down but they were still well fucking tight.

they only had one pair (in a 31 - i.e one size down), so couldn't try on the true size.

what am I to do??
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24 Oct 2008 14:24
They will be well tight to start with but they stretch loads. I've just bought a pair in size 29 (I'm a 31" waist) and can barely do the top button up, but the waist will stretch out so that they're comfortable within a day or so and the thighs, crotch etc follow after not too long

What jeans are they, Noble? Fit looks spot on
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24 Oct 2008 14:27
anywhere stocking apc new cures in london at the minute? need to try a pair on.

last time i was up last month didnt see any.
Noble Locks
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24 Oct 2008 14:27
neighborhood savage 05 from classifides mate.
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24 Oct 2008 14:27
cheers robii - how much stretch will I get - they were well fruity around the bollocks.

Also, where's the best deal for NS's these days?
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24 Oct 2008 14:33
Yep, they will be well tight round your balls. My size 30 were over 17" across the waist when I sold them

Don't think anywhere's that cheap for APC. I just bought a pair off eBay for £65 delivered, so that's probably your best bet
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24 Oct 2008 14:40
Loving them Nobes, and the Visvim Sad
I didn't see them in classifieds.
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24 Oct 2008 15:52
Thanks Robii
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24 Oct 2008 21:17
Love those jeans Noble seriously Cool
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24 Oct 2008 21:42
how come on those jeans the back of the knee fades are halfway down your calf? looks strange to me
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24 Oct 2008 21:43
jeg wrote: Anyone know much about Kato jeans?



on line at oki-ni and oi-polli

for information or

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27 Oct 2008 10:29
Does anywhere in the UK sell thin finn dry black coateds… harvey nichols in manchester is the only place i can find but they never have my size. online from america is an option but i don't want to do that.
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28 Oct 2008 10:23
How difficult is it to alter the rise on a pair of jeans/trousers? Ive got some Cords that Id like to make the rise smaller by a few CMs and wondered if this was possible.
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28 Oct 2008 11:15

New here, apologies if its not the done thing but wanted a little advice on jeans please?

It appears I'm out of luck at finding my favourite ever jeans, which were Nudie Super Slim Jim (looks like KIM tho!)

The model number, for reference, is NJ940

Anyway, they're discontinued I think

So, I want some that fit really well, tight without being suffocating, and black/charcoal

I'm 6'1, W32 L34 so pretty slim.

Not really fussed on price, providing it doesnt get silly!

Anyone more learned than me care to suggest anything?

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28 Oct 2008 18:55
i want some nice washed denim - upto about £125-£150

show me something nice
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28 Oct 2008 21:28
Could someone with a pair of raw april 77s measure the waist/thigh/hem for me?
Paolo G
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29 Oct 2008 19:34
Jesus wrote: i want some nice washed denim - upto about £125-£150

show me something nice

What kind of fit you afterIm after some washed denim aswell, slim fit as im bored of skinny's…something similar in fit to new standards…which is the slimmest fiting washed fluxus available?
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1 Nov 2008 17:48
Hi everyone, its my first post. I was wondering if someone could tell me where I could buy some April 77 jeans in Birmingham please? I would love a pair of raw Joey Rodeo april 77s like these;=April+77&d;=d

also, does anyone know some nice raw skinny jeans with a fit like cheap mondays I could get for about £60 in birmingham? thanks a lot guys
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2 Nov 2008 10:14
Just washed my new cures after a year of wear, thought i'd do pics:


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2 Nov 2008 10:28
Nice Cool How many times a week do you think you wore them?