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3 Feb 2011 09:40
Give them a hot soak for an hour, they will be sliightly less blue, a fair bit less starchy and a lot less smelly/greasy.
It doesn't really make that much difference, four months is more than long enough to set in your epic fadez, just wash them.
Noble Locks
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3 Feb 2011 10:30
my mate done that and the pockets fell off.
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3 Feb 2011 15:35
Finally got my prps baracuda purple selevedge denim!!!! Shocked
Does anyone know what the stretch potential is like? heard references to apc new standards???
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3 Feb 2011 15:51
Noble Locks wrote: my mate done that and the pockets fell off.

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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3 Feb 2011 21:36
Levis XX Made and Crafted denim any good?
Have seen these:
And just wondered if the denim is selvedge and if they're well constructed?
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5 Feb 2011 16:40
is apc on doverstreet open on sunday?
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5 Feb 2011 16:49
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6 Feb 2011 09:52
Anyone know if BiG mark down if asked?
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6 Feb 2011 10:00
Luc_as wrote: Anyone know if BiG mark down if asked?

Am pretty sure they will do. I enquired about getting some Sammies a while back and they said they would mark down if requested when ordering.
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6 Feb 2011 10:03
I've got my eye on a pair of Sammies or Somet's. Not really sure what to go for.
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6 Feb 2011 10:05
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6 Feb 2011 11:39
big marked down the last pair of sams i bought, around 12 months ago
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6 Feb 2011 12:55
Just got a few repairs done by the denim doctor. Excellent service and definitely next level work compared to other jobs I have had done locally.

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6 Feb 2011 13:49
Right probably going to go for a pair of 710's. The superfuture site says go true to size but the measurements on BiG have the true waist +1 bigger than the tagged waist so should I go true tagged or measured? Also how much shrinkage am I looking at on the leg? Going to get them hemmed.

Also is the denim sanforized? Can't really be bothered having to marinade them in the bath.
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6 Feb 2011 15:45
710's are not sanforized so you will need to at least soak them before wearing but probably best to give them a hot wash to get most of the shrinkage out.

They shrink to tag size (measurements on BiG are before washing) but the waist will stretch back out easily. Inseam shrinkage is about 2" i think.
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6 Feb 2011 17:52
Send an email to BIG, they are really helpful. If you want the sort of fit you see on Sufi you need to size down one inch. My 710's are a 34w shrunk down as far as they will go, and the waist stretches to over a 34
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7 Feb 2011 11:41
Too much stacking yay/nay?

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7 Feb 2011 11:57
Best solution for crotch holes? Had some Edwins repaired twice now with patches but holes keep appearing. Got some Nudies and APC on the go and don't want the same to happen if I can avoid it, any preventative measures/better places than Johnson's for a repair?
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7 Feb 2011 12:14
read up 5 posts ^
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7 Feb 2011 12:25
Does the doctor do chain stitched hems?

Also, got a fairly wide straight leg pair of old japanese edwins that I would like altering. Is there a point where jeans are too wide that they are "beyond tapering" ie too much material needs taking out to get the required slimmer fit.