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27 Sep 2011 13:12
How do I know I have picked the right sized APC Petit Standards?

I am a size 32 in most jeans so went with a 30".

Just got them now. Can't do the top button up but that's okay as I know they'll stretch. The fit looks okay but I mean they are super tight. It was a real struggle to get them on. Will the thighs stretch out a little too?

Would a 31" have stretched out too much? First ever pair of APC's Oops

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27 Sep 2011 13:17
Go for a 31 and buy a belt
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27 Sep 2011 13:22
Can someone tell me how much new standards shrink in length after the first wash. Since my ideal length is 31", would hemming to 33" be ok? I've looked at previous threads but can't find a definitive answer. Thanks
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27 Sep 2011 13:48
Soultimate wrote: I want a pair of black number (n)ine's.
could anyone give me sizing advice.
I wear a 32, would I need a 3 or a 4?
sizing seems to be all over the place.

Number nine sizing

1 - 26
2 - 28
3 - 30
4 - 32
5 - 34

Go with a 4 mate. I'm yet to find any size 5's :'(
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27 Sep 2011 14:08
cheers man, most 4's I've come across have a 84cm waist, equates to just over 33.
I'm tempted to buy both sizes.
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27 Sep 2011 14:53
Regarding ED-55's - are there different fits of them? Some sits say slim and some say relaxed?
Mr Black
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27 Sep 2011 15:10
Are you talking about the labels themselves, or the shops description of them?
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27 Sep 2011 15:17
ED-55 are a looser 'relaxed' fit but the legs do taper… leg opening is around 6 or 7 inch laid flat
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27 Sep 2011 15:23
edit: ^ that.

No, they're all the same. Roomy at the top, tapered quite a lot at the bottom.
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27 Sep 2011 16:45
sweet, any places doing 'em for circa £40?

i found a few last night, but couldn't find any instock.
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27 Sep 2011 17:19
This should really be in the OP (Not heard of anybody wearing Nashville's for years)
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27 Sep 2011 18:12
FLG wrote: This should really be in the OP (Not heard of anybody wearing Nashville's for years)

cheers - added to OP
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28 Sep 2011 17:25
JustinCredible wrote: Go for a 31 and buy a belt

Cheers. Orders a 31 that came today to compare to the 30 petit standards.

Could do the top button up well easy. Tightness on the thighs felt almost the same too. Dont fancy wearing a belt so guess they would have stretched too much in the waist.

Tried the 30 on again and could just about with a struggle do the top button up so I guess in the long run they will fit better once stretched. Not that it matters becuase I sat down in the 30" whilst trying them on and snapped the tag off so I'm stuck with them now anyway Sad Laughing out loud

Just hope the thigh stretches out a little.
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1 Oct 2011 10:22
where can i get some decent quality jeans from the high street for circa £50?

just want something relatively lose on top with a tapered fit below the knee.

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1 Oct 2011 14:39
Anyone got any experience of RRL denim? I like some of the washed ones but so expensive.
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2 Oct 2011 12:18
eBay your best bet now. A seller selling brand new pairs for circa £40-£50 not long ago
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3 Oct 2011 09:12
Does the Denim Doctor do pants as well as jeans? Got some EG keks I need tapering?
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3 Oct 2011 09:15
Think he will do anything. He's altered shorts for me before, top job aswell.
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3 Oct 2011 09:20
Nice one mate, I'll get them sent!
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3 Oct 2011 21:18
quick question on washing, just pulled out apc at 30 degree wash, whats the best way to dry? can i just dry them in drier? thinking shrinkage might happen, however dont want to just leave them as they will just smell if left out

any help appreciated