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9 Nov 2011 00:15
anywhere in london that stocks the 'Our Legacy Standard Fit Jean Black Wash/ Washed Blue'?
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9 Nov 2011 09:53
i know we dont want this to turn into sufu but i thought i'd just share some pics of my diors after their first wash.
fit is perfect really!

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13 Nov 2011 13:19
Anyone know how the old APC standards fit? Pre New Standard presumably.
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13 Nov 2011 13:21
Higher rise? Im pretty sure they were more like Edwins ie up past your belly
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13 Nov 2011 14:12
cheapest place for apc ns nowadays?

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13 Nov 2011 23:08
schtoop wrote: can't decide what pair of levis to cop, want something as similar to new standards as poss… 67 505's?

these look good

price isn't an issue because i desperately need a new pair of jeans and payday soon come still

Mate liberty have an excellent selection to try.
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17 Nov 2011 14:52
Looking for a bit of advice on some new denim. Currently wearing a pair of KMW 1950s to death and would like something a bit slimmer. Not to skinny just straight/slim I think they call it with a touch slimmer at the hem. Currently looking at… APC NS, Norse Projects 2 jeans and Edwin ED-71s.

I've had APCs before (Rescues) and the only thing putting me off is they feel as if they have a touch of Lycra in them with the stretching that goes on. I don't wear my jeans dry from the kick off… usually give then a soak before hand and a wash every month or two as I wear them pretty hard and don't like to smell like a tramp. Not really into the whole Superfuture thing. Would appreciate any feedback.
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17 Nov 2011 14:55
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17 Nov 2011 15:52
Useless tailor said he couldn't (not wouldn't) taper my nashvilles from the inseam. My skills with a sewing machine are rudimentary at best and even I can produce a flat felled seam. That being said, repairing the 3-way crotch blowout is only costing £6. Not too worried about the quality as anything is better than their current state.
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17 Nov 2011 16:00
Does the denim doc do bulk discounts? I have 3 pairs of jeans with big crotch blowouts now Laughing out loud
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17 Nov 2011 16:02
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17 Nov 2011 16:07
you're a sick man
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22 Nov 2011 08:40
Is anybody here like heavy denim ? 18-25oz ?
Mr 88
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22 Nov 2011 08:58
sj99, how much wear before the first wash and how much did they shrink?
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22 Nov 2011 10:24
If I'm a true waist 32 which size APC PS should I go for?

30, 31 or 32?

Want them to fit like gawk's in WAYWT…
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22 Nov 2011 10:27
31 or 30 I'd recommend trying them on if you can tho
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22 Nov 2011 19:37
Its been asked a million times, but cheapest place for some apc PS/NS brand new in a 30/31?
du tan
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22 Nov 2011 20:43
Why don't we get rid of the apc stockists at the top of this page -it just wastes space, they're easily searchable and it doesn't stop people asking where is cheapest at any given point
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22 Nov 2011 21:18
Mr 88 wrote: sj99, how much wear before the first wash and how much did they shrink?
got them off sufu used, but myself personally used for a couple months. shrunk about 1.5 inches in the waist, nowhere else really noticeable (legs i stack anyway)
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22 Nov 2011 21:21
For gawk's fit I'd say downsize 1 or 2.