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13 Apr 2010 12:47
Thanks superbe, really appreciate it. It's not for me Laughing out loud but I will forward the information to my friends.

Some great info from everyone. Cool
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13 Apr 2010 12:52
CovOne wrote:
Sleuth wrote:
inverse square wrote:
Zeke wrote: Friend chose hers in Turkey. Cost about £400 and valued at over a grand here

If I was doing that sort of thing I'd really feel like I needed someone who knew their shit along with me.

That's what I thought. Especially as Turkey is renowned for fake stuff.

It is but i think there are bargains to be had, the place i went Kalkan there was a silver shop. The guy was mega friendly got talking to him as they invite you to sit down have some turkish tea or a beer. The bloke must be minted cos the shop was heaving with customers. He sold us a couple of nice silver bits at below scrap price (May have been had like a kipper but he seemed genuine). Me and the misses went over the jewelry quarter to try and sell her mums wedding ring and the women in the shop had a look at this silver necklace and said would be worth around £120 scrap and £200 plus retail. We payed around £45 quid for it.

http://360vt.eu/justsilver/ This is the shop

He was offering a weeks trip to sample one of his villas aswell, must have thought we had cash

This was his property development company

Cool story bro etc

My sister told me about that place.. I'm going to Kalkan in the summer..
Don't really like silver jewellery anymore.. But, I will check it out.. Ta!
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13 Apr 2010 12:55
Yeah its brilliant that place, my misses doesn't really like silver either but some of it is really nice and has a good quality feel to it.

What makes it is the fact it doesn't feel like you are getting the hard sell most probably cos the bloke is minted beyond his dreams as it is. Theres a nice cockney women that works in there thats a good laugh aswell
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13 Apr 2010 13:05
There's 7 ladies in our group.. And they are silver jewellery wearers.
So, I'm sure he'll get some sales!

Re: The Diamonds - I asked - and no Joe Publics, sorry Sleuth!
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22 Apr 2010 12:40
Sleuth has your mate bought the diamond yet? According to my research you really cannot guarantee where diamonds have come from, unless of course you go to the source itself but can't imagine your mate would be on for a trip to one of the mines?! De Beers, Graff and Tiffany's have all been subject to recent protests by Survival International. A few years back I wrote


There are some jewellers, like Jess James, who offer beach diamonds and at least those are conflict-free.

A mate of mine was approached to work for De Beers and refused on ethical grounds. Price fixing has been rife in the diamond industry for years and of course the supply is well controlled to keep the value high the big diamond dealers must ensure the market isn't inundated with the gems. With the risk of sounding like a campaigner, it's a murky world the diamond trade - to me all the suffering that goes into the mining and marketing of these gems make add an ugliness to what is essentially an object of natural beauty.