Random Questions: Driveway Parking

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12 Dec 2008 23:19
Some cunt's parked over my driveway, second time in a month or so.

It's not the next door neighbors, and there's too many houses in my close to knock on every door.

Suitable revenge suggestions please

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12 Dec 2008 23:39
Come on you lot, a cross note on the windscreen just will not cut it
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12 Dec 2008 23:42
Put the note on the side window?
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12 Dec 2008 23:44
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12 Dec 2008 23:45
Turn the blades of their wipers the other way round so when they come to flicking them on they etch a nice circle across the windscreen (possibly)
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12 Dec 2008 23:45
here are your options…depending on your level of anger.

no particular order;

1. place nails infront and behind all 4 wheels.
2. call the police as it's illegal to park infront of a low kerb.
3. get another car and box him in.
4. smash his windows and take a shit on his dashboard.
5. cry
6. let down his tires.
7. jack the car up…it'll take him a while to figure out why it's not moving
8. get a gypsy to steal the car.
9. hire a car the same as his, then get some plates made up the same as his and go speading.
10. let your anger build up.
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12 Dec 2008 23:49
Oh, just remembered,

11. put a bunch of plastic straws in the exhast…try and get them pretty far in…not too sure why but some pretty wild and colour sparks come flying out a few minutes into driving….great fun.
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12 Dec 2008 23:50
Tacs in front and behind his front wheels'll do

I'll see if I can set the security cameras to record so I can see what happens when they leave
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13 Dec 2008 00:13
Sugar in the petrol tank
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13 Dec 2008 00:18
do a shit and put it under the door handle.
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13 Dec 2008 00:27
Prescription (because you are evidently not keeping to the other one): refrain from reading the 'evil deeds', 'embarrassing moments' and any similar threads until normal service is resumed?

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13 Dec 2008 02:01
Banana in the exhaust
El Bongo
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13 Dec 2008 11:48
Just tried searching but cannot find this thread on pistonheads posted a while back had some great stuff in.

Personaly I would let down 2 tires, dont be a pussy and just do one he could still drive off with ease.
Smear vaseline on all windows + mirrors.
And please please get some pictures posted up Laughing out loud
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13 Dec 2008 11:58
They were gone by the time I went back out there, let alone this morning.

Vaseline's an idea, I'll remember that for next time
Noble Locks
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13 Dec 2008 12:10
do fuck all but keep an eye out for them and have a word or leave a stern but polite note…yeah they are cunts, but doing tyres or touching they car is even more cuntish. if you that mad, go out and have a straightner on the grass with the prick.
i would knock on the door and cut you to ribbons if you touched my motor even if i was in the wrong by parking incorrectly.
its a slight annoyance, but no cunts dead or been raped.

p.s pde i love you.