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posted 18 Jan 2019 21:35, edited 18 Jan 2019 21:35
That's a form of amphetamine usually prescribed to people with ADD/ADHD, with dex being short for dextro.
Works wonders in the club too.

If you can't sleep at night you're taking too much. Dex is considered safer than speed but it's still a pretty potent drug, wouldn't recommend doing it longterm.
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26 Jan 2019 10:12
Anyone conversant with dreamamrket? I got scammed by a seller, about £230 in escrow, he sent me nothing, I complained he said I often claim not recieved, I have always recieved and paid on the market, he has kept all my money and the order is marked "finalisised by support"rather than completed like every other order, messages are now closed but he got super aggressive very quickly, i left a warning about the seller HarrodsUk (yeah I know) on the forum but am now out of ideas of what to do, anyone have any other ideas? ( I assume I've been fucked by a rotten system, all the guys reviews were 4.5 and 5 stars but have read these can be faked)
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26 Jan 2019 11:32
Dark web is a place to get fucked over with no come backs.
I’ve been done over a few times.
You take your chances.

What I do is a small order first and build my own trust with a seller.
Never make a large order on your first deal.
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6 Feb 2019 18:53
Yeah thats pretty sensible, wish my brain worked more like that.
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7 Feb 2019 00:11
You're buying drugs on the internet and getting them delivered to your house, gotta be prepared to take a hit or two. At least you aren't getting stabbed round the back of the of Dog and Duck.