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26 Jun 2020 08:40
I'm pretty sure exactlythat knows what he's talking about.
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26 Jun 2020 09:01
Why not just pay to see a psychiatrist privately you could be seen within a week from a referral from a doctor cost you around 150 quid. They will help you put a plan in place and prescribe alternatives meds (Pregabalin maybe) to help ease anxiety of withdrawal.

Be the best 150 you will ever spend.
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6 Jul 2020 00:26
Doesn't work that way in Scotland I'm afraid.

Cam confirm CBD oil does relieve a lot of the anxiety and paranoia, defo feeling less likely to go psycho when cutting back or whatever now.

Gonna try get it prescribed by my NHS worker since I imagine their stuff will be a lot better than the cheap shite I bought.

Stupidly bought more flualprazolam so back to square one, NHS is just taking the piss with the length of time their taking, hoping they hurry up before I take all this, gonna try be sensible this time.

Anyone need advice etc/ help feel free to PM as always
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6 Jul 2020 12:12
Glad to hear the CBD oil is having a positive effect on you, unfortunately for me it did nothing. Stay away from the pills mate!