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10 Nov 2013 23:39
only momentarily, tcb.

+ noble quit trolling you badman
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13 Nov 2013 11:10
Double D
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13 Nov 2013 12:32
Olismallz wrote: edit: any silk road members who can sort out a connect drop a pm?
Since when was it back up and what do you mean by 'sort out a connect', signing up used to take about a minute.
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13 Nov 2013 18:05
Holy shit he's actually right, the DPR is back. PM'd about getting an invite by the way.
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13 Nov 2013 18:06
Fools rush in
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13 Nov 2013 18:10
I'ma wait for the feedback system to kick in, apparently all the vendors at the moment are handpicked OGs however.
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13 Nov 2013 18:37
just use sheep market/black market reloaded. most decent vendors are already there
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13 Nov 2013 23:24
Olismallz wrote: kush. ive heard good things from the silk road

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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16 Nov 2013 14:47
seems pretty usable, a few notable uk vendors are back online and have proved their identity

if anyone has a forum invite going spare for sr i'd appreciate a pm.
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16 Nov 2013 19:09 is your best bet for finding an invite
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16 Nov 2013 20:16
got my invite from rural, dont know if he has anymore but worth a PM. password was brucebanner.
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17 Nov 2013 04:20
Some proper good gear going around at the moment, must be a conspiracy somewhere.
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17 Nov 2013 17:56
Noble Locks wrote:
gonzoking wrote: Can anyone shed some light on the following, I was round the Missus's place last weekend and she got out some mdma that she'd been holding onto for ages, it was yellow and it tasted like sugar, crystally like mdma but a sweet taste, i went to do a normal mdma line and luckily she got me to half it first as she said it made her feel her eye was going to bulge out of its socket last time she did some, I had a tiny amount and pound for pound it was the strongest shit I've ever done, a very small line had me high for 5 to 6 hours, anyone have a fucking clue what this was?
Thats proper mdma, the only way i ever have it. The bollocks like that, looks like shit but thats how it comes neat. Like yellow diamond style grains of that special brown sugar you can get.

Demerara. This is what's going around at the moment, good stuff.
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27 Nov 2013 00:18
Anyone know anything about Geratam/Piracetamum?
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27 Nov 2013 10:28
Bit of a pain to get in the UK as it's controlled but just about every other racetam out there is still legal; I got a bunch of Noopept from absolutely no hassle. They're not stimulatory but give you a reasonably obsessive focus with regard to whatever you're doing.

Best thing about them is that they mix ridiculously well with MDMA, noone seems very clear on the science but it definitely does something good…
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27 Nov 2013 13:59
Cool, my pal gave me a box the other day after I told him I'm struggling to focus with my academic work. Wasn't considering using them for anything other than that really, he said just take two a day for a while and it'll improve cognitive ability, focus, memory, articulation etc. Read a little on the net but couldn't seem to find much, never taken any nootropics before but will give them a try.
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1 Dec 2013 01:46
any1 had experiences w/ rashes + shite md before?

swim did about 400mg of what they thought was md (solid crystals, tasted like md, white but slightly opaque colour - def not pma), but didnt get any of the empathic (or stimulant) effects. largely just gurning + more intense sensory perception, etc

couple days later broke out w/ a bad rash. swim went to doc, seemed to think it was allergic but couldnt say what to, been kinda ill so guzzling all sorts of OTC remedies and it coulda been one o them that done it

other people took the stuff and were fine after tho, so who knows
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1 Dec 2013 03:13
sounds like proper md to me, I once came out in a rash during a 5 day bender, went to the doctors and it turned out to be german measles, didn't notice I was ill Laughing out loud

p.s. its now been about 8 years
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1 Dec 2013 05:30
My mate also got a rash after taking a lot md one time. Pretty sure it just went away of its own accord after a few days.

I would just take it easy if I was you (eat healthy, lots of water) and if it's not gone, or at least got better after 5 days or so, go back to the doctor
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1 Dec 2013 08:48
Not heard SWIM for ages Laughing out loud , as mentioned maybe you are thinking about the MDMA not being as good and linking it to the rash, could be a heat rash. Depending on your tolerance 0.4 might not have got you the euphoric effects you were after?