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posted 21 Apr 2021 22:13, edited 21 Apr 2021 22:13
After a year and a half or something I received a letter today stating the NHS Addiction Services will no longer be helping me, completely out of the blue, no phone call or anything in months.

Drug help here is fucking shite. Laughing out loud

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22 Apr 2021 07:27
I can really feel you're pain, but unfortunately I'm not surprised. The NHS services are absolutely disgusting in terms of drug rehabilitation - I've been through it and I'm just about out the other side. pm'd
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26 Apr 2021 06:39
slightly messed up on friday, got a bit blackout drug and ended up getting stopped searched by police, had a tiny bit ket, speed and a few pills (i think)perhaps took the pills not sure, never took me to the station but because I was drunk just took me home, fair to say nothing will happen as if it was gonna they'd have surely took me to the station n charged me or wahtever or can they still do so?
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26 Apr 2021 06:47
You’re fine mate
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26 Apr 2021 07:04
Thank fuck, good to know.
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26 Apr 2021 16:41
You are lucky
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24 Jul 2021 14:11
Anyone used hub420???
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25 Jul 2021 10:22
For buying weed Mob?