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10 Oct 2017 12:44
Maybe they just couldn't understand what you were saying pal, it's an easy mistake to make.
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11 Oct 2017 09:17
If I change my PayPal password will that mean the next time I try to buy something on eBay it will make me enter the new password?
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11 Oct 2017 12:23
Rez wrote: Maybe they just couldn't understand what you were saying pal, it's an easy mistake to make.
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posted 12 Oct 2017 13:10, edited 12 Oct 2017 13:10
aye you can do one aswell!!Laughing out loud

Whisht! lads, haad yor gobs, (=Be quiet, boys, shut your mouths)
An' aa'll tell ye aall an aaful story,

…Just had the same issue 2 days later - asked to speak to manager. Called back within 5 minutes - Geordie call centre rather than the Far eastern centre from tuesday. Spoke to gadgee who explained as the seller, I was being protected by PP. Told him the transaction had been completed and buyer was more than happy.
They release the funds again

make sure you have logged a tracking number on site and get confirmation before contacting em'

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12 Oct 2017 19:23
Pikey class post…

Bought the Mrs a Cartier watch online from eBay back in April, was £2k ish.
After a couple of weeks it was losing time so I messaged the seller about repairing it / refunding me the cost of repair (£200). They didn't reply so I raised a return case, sent the item off and waited for the refund.

2 weeks (end of May ish) later the parcel is sat in a sorting office uncollected so I'm out of pocket and don't have the watch. I start calling ebay, get fobbed off for a week waiting for the refund, then I start calling daily. All the way through I'm sporadicly messaging the seller with no response. After 3-4 days of daily calls and managment escalation I eventually get refunded.

I go on holiday for a few weeks and go back to work when one night leaving the building the receptionist calls me over and hands me a parcel, this turns out to be the watch returned to sender. I now have the watch and the £2k.

I have a moral dilemma, and decide fuck the seller for ignoring me. If they want the watch back they can message me. Fast forward 4/5 months to today I still have the money and the watch. When is it safe to spend the cash?

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posted 12 Oct 2017 19:31, edited 12 Oct 2017 19:31
Best wrote: Pikey class post…

Bought the Mrs a Cartier watch

ps, i think you're safe by now.
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15 Oct 2017 22:15
Fucking Grailed

Sold a pair of jeans to some American, couldn't make delivery. Postman left a note, send out an e-mail, sat in depot- unclaimed and was eventually returned to me.

Two months, since original sale date. Not a word from him and suddenly that package plopped on my doormat.

Last year has been such a shitshow. Numerous chargeback frauds, kids buying stuff with their parents creditcard, people too retarded to correctly fill in their address etc. etc. Ever since March 2016 when the US upped the duty free treshold it has been a complete nightmare.

Fucking grailed. Fucking Americans.
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posted 16 Oct 2017 01:28, edited 16 Oct 2017 01:28
Fucking grailed. Fucking Americans.

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