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29 Oct 2009 16:11
PayPal heads up. I just went to withdraw some funds and was just about to click confirm when I noticed a £5.00 withdrawal fee. I went back into my account, clicked withdraw again and there were two options. One where you pay £5 for a quicker withdrawal and free for the standard withdrawal time. I like the idea of getting the money faster but they're cunts the way they've set it up
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29 Oct 2009 16:41
How long does the £5 option take?
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29 Oct 2009 22:21
1-2 days for £5
2-3 days for £0

or get a paypal topup card and withdraw for £2.00 in as little as 14 hours? max withdrawl £200
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29 Oct 2009 22:44
Can you withdraw cash from the paypal top up card or do you just use it like a credit/debit card in shops?
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29 Oct 2009 22:52
you can use it at an atm but it costs £2 to withdraw, i just do £200 at a time so whats 2 quid if i can get my cash quick

you can use it in shops as well - no charge for those transactions
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30 Oct 2009 10:28
Think I'll get one of those
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31 Oct 2009 09:43
Firstly last month I had a problem with a seller who tried to do a chargeback on me via paypal which I won sending them my details and the tracking number. Now today I find Paypal has put a hold on my funds but again by the same seller for same dispute, how can this happen even though I won the case?. Plus insult to injury since I won I throw away the receipt with the tracking number.FUUUUUCCCKKKK.
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31 Oct 2009 14:13
Ok, my account was recently suspended for a while as I didn't pay the Ebay listing fees. I have just payed the fees yet now it says.

'Registration blocked. Users whose registered status is blocked must resolve any outstanding complaints on file before proceeding. Please resolve all outstanding complaints and try again'

So what exactly have I got to do to resolve this? I don't actually have any outstanding complaints now.

Also, I imagine this has been answered somewhere in this thread so sorry in advance if anybody has to repeat.
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31 Oct 2009 14:25
i had something similar happen, just email them and say that you've sorted it now, they should unblock your account after a day or two.
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1 Nov 2009 23:51
To Phelen and phikz, phone them, it's much quicker
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6 Nov 2009 19:43
just found i had a paypal dispute over a blu ray i had simply forgot to send (had not been checking emails).

there was a paypal dispute saying the money was on hold.

so i refunded the guy and said sorry but after i did this it looks like the money on hold has also gone to him as well so he has effectively been refunded twice.

i stupidly thought it was "in suspense" and would come back to my account if i did a refund.

any ideas short of emailing the buyer and asking for him to refund my refund Laughing out loud

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9 Nov 2009 21:00
Ive brought something from another forum using paypal , was only last week so probably being premature but he said that he would PM me with a tracking number which he hasnt done yet and I cant help but feel that maybe something isnt quite right Puzzled At which point ( obviously after I have contacted him and assuming the worst ) would I need to contact paypal .
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14 Nov 2009 14:28
any software out there for creating decent eBay templates?
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16 Nov 2009 17:09
Can you embed video links on eBay?
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19 Nov 2009 10:48
I just won an item but stupidly never checked the shipping prices and it's extreme rape! he's stated £90 for a pair of trainers.. what the hell do i do?
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19 Nov 2009 11:14
Ask the seller to reduce the postage to a reasonable amount. If he won't, click on the report breaches button at the bottom of the page and eBay will probably cancel the auction -
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19 Nov 2009 17:18
cheers man
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19 Nov 2009 21:58
How do you use your ebay plus points? I have 116, does this turn into money off or anything remotely useful??
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6 Dec 2009 12:25
My mum ordered something from ebay for my brother for christmas. It is her first ebay account and transaction.

The guy emailed her to ask which item she purchased as he is having problems with ebay and so I went in to check her ebay and the item and it has been removed and the guy is no longer a registered seller.

What has gone on here? Are we about to have an issues? I don't really want to tell her and let her stress about my brother's main present. Sad

Cheers in advance.

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6 Dec 2009 12:26
paypal claim asap