General Discussion: Shego's Employment/Work Thread!

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29 May 2019 17:30
true though
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29 May 2019 18:18
Super depressing, I get what you mean but plenty of people change careers to do something they are more interested in. Friend was always a big gym goer and has done a personal training course, progresses to taking on some clients outside of work and building towards leaving their job to do that full time.

Fashion is obviously an interest - there’s loads of career streams in there beyond designing/buying/marketing…
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29 May 2019 18:23
you want to stay in UK?
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17 Aug 2019 22:51
The opposite to illwill’s thing on the last page - anyone got into web dev/other programming from a different career? In PR atm, good knowledge of HTML and CSS and currently getting trained up in JavaScript by my housemate who’s a dev.

Wondering if it’s genuinely feasible to switch (would be for increased earning as well as just generally enjoying the programming (lite) I’ve done so far). Still in my twenties (latter half)
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18 Aug 2019 12:59
Just pm’ed you