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9 Mar 2017 18:49
take it to a fucking industrial tribunal
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9 Mar 2017 22:45

eazypz wrote: Recently, my company imposed a rule in the last week, stating that failure to reply to an email is now met with a £50 fine.
Where is the rule written? Is it in your employment contract or in the company handbook. contracts can be amended with rule changes but I've only come across scenarios where, before the amendments have been imposed, employees have been notified and consent to the change (normally with a side letter signed by both parties). Seems very draconian a policy.

First thing. You need to establish where in the company documents the rule is explicitly mentioned. It can't be plucked from the air. If the rule was birthed from that email you received, then that's ridiculous. they've got problems can't just unilaterally impose a rule that gives rise to sanctions without consultation or consent.

I'm not sure whether you're saying its in or referred to in the company handbook you quoted an extract from (thought you said the rule was only imposed last week) unless there's a new version - not very clear. very suspect. Be interesting to know how much they have made in fines. Keep us updated first I've heard of this

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posted 10 Mar 2017 09:11, edited 10 Mar 2017 09:11
The extract I gave is from the company handbook, and that part was highlighted as apparently that was what was applicable to me.
Even still, I don't see how me not replying to that specific email has lost the company money, as stated as being the reason for remuneration in the handbook.

I'm not sure how long it's been in the company handbook as I dont have one from when I initially joined, but the fining of £50 was only just introduced.

Appreciate all the help so far lads
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10 Mar 2017 11:09
It sounds like a lot of your colleagues were also blindsided by the £50 fine rule - very unfair. If I were you, I would (very politely) speak to an appropriate person and ask them:

1. when the rule came into force
2. were employees given notice of the rule, and if so how?
3. what is the scope of the rule - does it cover unreplied emails from a Client to an employee of the company, emails from senior management to an employee at the company or emails from employees to employees (this would be ridiculous). My point is there must be somewhere where the precise details of the rule and how it operates is set out. Right??

Companies try all sorts of shit, so like you I wouldn't sit back and take this. It seems the justification for the rule is also unclear. As you say if the company hasn't lost money as a result of not replying to the email and still impose fines in that situation then literally anything could potentially lead to a fine!
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10 Mar 2017 13:06
We come across shit like this all the time - some boss will have just got angry and had an email sent out with no thought towards employment law/proper procedure etc.

Have you spoken to your other workers?

If you join Unite, phone 'em up and mention the issue and how many other workers are pissed off - if that reaches any organiser worth their salt (I'll admit that's an if - I'm a Unite branch sec. and I have come across both some of the best and worst union organisers I've ever met within Unite)would jump at the chance of unionising your shop.

Where abouts are you based? I may know organisers in the area.
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10 Mar 2017 13:07
oh, and as Foxtrot notes, bosses try this all the time. If you don't resist it, they'll realise they got away with this and just continue with this type of bullshit
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10 Mar 2017 13:23
Mental. Did the email stating the £50 fine was coming into effect request a response?
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10 Mar 2017 20:04
What about setting an autoreply?!
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10 Mar 2017 20:21
Scope of the rule is, if management ask for a reply within 24 hours to an email, then we have to reply within that 24 hours.
One other bloke received the fine as well and is livid, has no intention of paying it either.

They sent an email saying that if we do not respond to emails, that we will be given a £50 fine.
This email required a response within 24 hours, and as I didn't give one, the fine was issued. This email was the notice of the new rule.
The reason why I didn't reply, was because if I reply, I'm under the impression that that would be me acknowledging and accepting this new rule.

Gawk, I'm based in Isleworth, next to Twickenham. Company however is based in Wallington, round the corner from Croydon.
I'm going to join Unite tomorrow and write an email to my boss who issued the fine, who is also the CEO of the company.
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10 Mar 2017 20:32
No chance they can deduct that from your salary and get away with it, maybe if you were a contractor and had agreed to it at the outset.
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10 Mar 2017 21:18

One of three conditions has to be met for an employer to lawfully make deductions from wages or take payments from a worker. The deduction or payment must be:

1. required or authorised by legislation (for example, income tax or national insurance deductions)

2. authorised by the worker's contract - provided the worker has been given a written copy of the relevant terms or a written explanation of them before it is made

3. consented to by the worker in writing before it is made.

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11 Mar 2017 15:44
speak to your other pissed off workmates and try and get them to join the union as well
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11 Mar 2017 15:55
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13 Mar 2017 18:12
been sounded out about a position in another department at work (after i expressed a general interest to the hiring manager a while back). can i ask about salary expectations without sounding like a douche?

obviously if the job doesn't pay more than what i'm currently earning then i won't entertain it, but as i initially approached the guy a while back i don't want to seem like i'm just money motivated and/or ungrateful!
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13 Mar 2017 20:40
What's wrong with being money motivated? Would they not expect you to be self interested?
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13 Mar 2017 20:49
Think it's fair enough to ask, just ask the next time you discuss the job if the salary will be in line with your current earnings. I don't think anyone would expect you to move for a pay cut but equally the hiring manager may not be aware of your current salary
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14 Mar 2017 08:15
If you don't ask about salary you'll sound like an idiot - why do you work in the first place? Laughing out loud
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posted 14 Mar 2017 13:57, edited 14 Mar 2017 13:57
obviously salary is important, i suppose i was more interested about how i could bring it up and word it without it coming across like it was the only thing i was interested in, because it isn't.

anyways, it's done now - thanks.
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22 Mar 2017 13:31
Got a meeting with my boss next week regarding this, I sent an email saying that I'm not happy to pay it and that the engineers aren't happy either. I mentioned that I've asked my union rep regarding this situation which I think has worried them a little, hence the meeting and not an email back.
Will see what happens now.
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22 Mar 2017 13:34
Razorlight123 wrote: