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28 Mar 2008 00:27
Hello World wrote: Keep working until you have a transferable qualification above and better then you have now. Then you can travel between jobs (example 3 months) do a different part of the world each time, and come back on the same standard in your career.

The reason people get stuck in office junior jobs, is they never get transferable skills, eg you become some expert on the in house system / computer / database or something, this is not worth much in another business, so you sit it out until the person above you leaves or gets promoted.

If you have no ties you got to keep going at something until your being paid a good wage and your skill can be transferable to a higher paid position. If you get bored take 3 month breaks max between jobs and see the world.

Career wise your 20's is about getting skills/ qualifications and climbing the ladder to a good salary, you got to make sacrifices in this period as your other areas of life are generally less complex so you can handle stress and rapid change.

Thats very true. Also, I think taking on something tuff when you are young and getting out the far side gives you a confidence to take on anything. Be that going back to college to do a good degree, putting your neck on the line and starting a business etc.
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28 Mar 2008 01:19
applying for some internships at the moment. touch wood i'll get interviews for some of them, will be unnerving though - havent had an interview since i was 7! really an exciting time at the mo, cant wait to finish uni.
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28 Mar 2008 01:42
JrdnNcks wrote: earn quite a bit for my age (£30k)

I say go. What's the point in making all that money if you don't use it to do fun stuff with?
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28 Mar 2008 03:16
whats the point in spending a short amount of time out in comparison to what it will take to get back to the income level? very rare to be earning that much at 21 (iirc) and to give it up for a few months travelling, which he many not even enjoy as some people hate it, and come back to about 50% of what he was earning seems a massive waste. if unpaid leave is a possibility definately go for that but not sure how realistic it is at the age.
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28 Mar 2008 09:51
you can go travelling whenever, just because people say you wont doesn't 100% mean you wont do it in a few years when you're ready.

and id say 30K is a proper decent wage for a 21 year old.
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28 Mar 2008 10:00
Heath wrote: I say go. What's the point in making all that money if you don't use it to do fun stuff with?
Well yeh, but if I did go, I wouldnt be earning that wage when I got back, so i'd lose it. I'm also having alot of fun with it, I don't really have financial worries as i'm living at home still.

Another thing, in relation to this, i plan to buy a house to rent in the next 1-2 years, i wont be living there, i'd still be living at home, but i'd rent it out to pay off the mortgage and get on the big ladder, this will help me alot in later life as well - going traveling will stop this happening.

I think i've decided to not go yet, i already said to my mate i'd meet him over in NY for a week or so which would be awsome, i might even be able to meet him at the start of his trip, then later on again nearer the end. Unpaid leave isnt really an option because i'm a contractor, and as for qualifications, i'm fully trained on the system i use, but i havnt got anything to show for it certification wise, except obviously my knowledge.
I was always in doubt about going, just wanted to air it out really to make sure i was doing the right thing.
Im also 20!

Cheers guys Smiling
Sorted for now!
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28 Mar 2008 10:03
Larry wrote: Nowadays you can travel at anytime or age and if you have money you can do it in style.

i'm a bit late, but i've got to agree with larry and DDD. i know it isn't the same, but you can still travel a lot while working full time - i try and make a point of it, as i never had a gap year and went straight from school to uni to work. you are in a very good position being on that wage at so young and leaving could set you back years…
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28 Mar 2008 11:14
don't underestimate the benefit of doing some traveling when you're young (early 20's). yes you can travel when you're older but doing a year or so when you're young is definitely something i would recommend. i was lucky enough to do a few years after uni and it helped to shape my outlook and at 27 i'm a better person from those experiences.. there's more of a community of travelers your own age and everyone has a similar ideal of experiencing anything and everything. obviously it might be a little different as you seem to be quite settled and don't want to risk/lose what you have got.
i'm lucky enough to be able to travel a fair bit now but its a lot different to traveling when you're younger and more willing to try the sleazier things that traveling fresh faced out of uni has to offer.
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28 Mar 2008 11:30
My two cents…

When you're younger the opportunity cost of going travelling is much lower as your ability to earn cash is much less.

When you are 21 you are probably looking at £20-30k a year is a half decent office job, so you are not missing out on much by deferring and going travelling. In late 20s and early 30s you would probably be looking at £40-60k, twice what you could earn in the early 20s, so the opportunity cost of going travelling is much higher as the foregone earnings are twice those in early 20s. For some it may be even more dramatic.

In my case, I didn't go travelling before or after finishing my degree and feel that I've missed out on the whole experience somewhat, but due to the nature of my job I get to travel a fair bit so it does not bother me too much.

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31 Mar 2008 18:21
Any Quantity Surveyors in the house?
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31 Mar 2008 18:23
PM Stoney
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31 Mar 2008 18:26
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posted 21 Apr 2008 22:31, edited 21 Apr 2008 22:31
I dropped out of Uni after 2.5 years into a 4 year course (german & spanish) got a shite unskilled job which I have had for 2 years. I'm not getting any younger but I really can't think of a career I want to do, I'm 23 now.

I really don't want to waste my life. I guess like everyone else does I feel like I have potential but I am wasting it with each day I spend at this mindless job.

I know I don't post here much but anyone else faced a similar problem? Sad
Hello World
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21 Apr 2008 22:45
ok, first we need to review:

Actual qualifications:

What are you good at:

Commitments(eg family, relationship, mortgage / car payments, renting etc):

Debts and available liquidity:


I'll put the results into the computer and see what comes out.
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21 Apr 2008 22:56
^^^^I was going to write that

I would ask what you want to do and what do you enjoy doing rather than Ambitions
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21 Apr 2008 22:58
Really appreciate you taking the time to come up with good replies to the post, but I have to be up at 5.00am tommorow and will face a grilling for being off work today, so I had better go to bed or tommorow will be even more grim! Smiling I will post back asap though and give it the reply it deserves rather than something I write now in my bleary eyed state.
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21 Apr 2008 22:59
hoe did you get into drawing sunglesses ? i got into surveying (sic) due to my old boy, kind of drifted into residential property. glad i did though, cuase its easy, pays well and the hours are slack
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21 Apr 2008 23:02
by accident really Laughing out loud

always wanted to design cars, started a car design course, didn't enjoy it, decided I wanted to become a jeweller, transferred to a jewellery and metalwork course, entered a competition to design 250th anniversary glasses for Dollond & Aitchison, won it, things went from there (slowly Laughing out loud)
Hello World
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21 Apr 2008 23:04
^^ also a job thats never going to be phased out, potential to start your own practice / business etc.

harris write it up when you have the time, we will advise when its done.
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21 Apr 2008 23:06
What have you designed recently andy?