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27 Jul 2011 20:40
Laughing out loud

shego do you have any idea what you want to do?
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27 Jul 2011 20:49
Don't diss eent, some really safe fuk'ers on here who have hooked up a lot of people Cool
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27 Jul 2011 23:46
eent wrote: Have you tried using jobs boards and agencies rather than relying on here?

No. I've been sitting just waiting on, I even told one recruitment dude to give up his day job and join for all the latest roles.

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27 Jul 2011 23:47
Laughing out loud
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28 Jul 2011 00:29
shego wrote:
eent wrote: Have you tried using jobs boards and agencies rather than relying on here?

No. I've been sitting just waiting on, I even told one recruitment dude to give up his day job and join for all the latest roles.

You do post a lot about Job stuff on here. It's nice to vent employment frustration.
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28 Jul 2011 08:56
Send me a pm, loads of jobs going at my gaff. Might be something suitable
Noble Locks
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28 Jul 2011 09:01
i thought that coke job was the best job in the world and made you the happiest man ever, what went wrong, you was stoked when you got it?
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28 Jul 2011 09:50
May be of use to people -

50 Possible interview questions

General Questions

 Tell me about yourself.?
Keep your answer to one or two minutes; don't ramble.
Use a ''positioning statement'' as a base to start. Your positioning statement is the boiled-down story of your resume – general goals, skills and background.

 What do you know about our company?
Know products, size, income, reputation, image, goals, problems, management talent, management style, people, skills, history and philosophy.
Project an informed interest. Ask several open-ended questions about the company's course and the department's goals so the interviewer can tell you about the company. Let her define the business in her terms.

 Why do you want to work for us?
Don't talk about what you want; first talk about their needs.
You wish to be part of a company project.
You would like to solve a company problem.
You can make a definite contribution to specific company goals: identify its management talent, increase sales in the Northeast region, and so on.

 What would you do for us? What can you do for us that someone else can't?
Relate past successes in solving previous employer problems, which may be similar to those of the prospective employer.

 What about our position do you find the most attractive? Least attractive?
List three or more attractive factors and only one minor unattractive factor.

 Why should we hire you?
Because of knowledge, experience, abilities and skills. Tell what these are.

 What do you look for in a job?
An opportunity to use skills, perform and be recognized.

 Please give me your definition of a … (the job for which you are being interviewed).
Keep it brief and action- and results-oriented

 How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our firm?
Very quickly after a little orientation and a brief period of adjustment on the learning curve.

 How long would you stay with us?
As long as we both feel I'm contributing, achieving, growing and so on.

Management questions

 You may be overqualified or too experienced for the position we have to offer!
Strong companies need strong people.
Experienced executives are at a premium today.
Emphasize your interest in a long-term association.
The employer will get a faster return on investment because you have more experience than required.
A growing, energetic company is rarely unable to use its people talents.

 What is your management style?
If you've never thought about this, it's high time you did. Open door is best, but you get the job done on time or inform your management.

 Are you a good manager? Give an example. Why do you feel you have top managerial potential?
Keep your answer achievement- and task-oriented and emphasize management skills – planning, organizing, controlling, interpersonal and so on.

 What did you look for when you hired people?
Skills, initiative, adaptability.

 Have you ever fired anyone? If so, what were the reasons and how did you handle it?
You have had experience with this and it worked out well since it wasn't a good fit, or you've focused on having a great team that works well together so have never been presented with this problem.

 What do you see as the most difficult task in being a manager?
Getting things planned and done on time within the budget.

 What do your subordinates think of you?
Be honest and positive; they can check your responses easily.

 What is your biggest weakness as a manager?
Be honest and end on a positive note: "I have a problem reprimanding people so I always begin with something positive first."


 What important trends do you see in our industry/sector?
Keep your answer to two or three trends.

Questions If You Are Leaving a Job

 Why are you leaving your present job?
Refine your answer based on your comfort level and honesty.
Achieved all you can, relocation, dead mans shoes, right time to move on.
Give a "group" answer if possible; for instance, "Our department was consolidated or eliminated."

 How do you feel about leaving all of your benefits?
Concerned but not panicked, your focus is on the role.

 Describe what you feel to be an ideal working environment.
Where people are treated as fairly as possible, open, progressive.

 How would you evaluate your present firm?
An excellent company that afforded me many strong experiences. Do not bad mouth your employer

Questions Quantifying Your Experience and Accomplishments:

 Have you helped increase sales? Client relationships? Profits? How?
Describe in some detail.

 Have you helped reduce costs? How?
Same as above.

 How much money did you ever control/account for?
Be specific.

 How many people did you supervise on your last job?
Be specific, successes and how to weaknesses.

 Do you like working with figures more than words?
Be honest but positive.

 In your present or last job, what features did you like the most? Least?
Same as above

 In your present or last job, what are or were your five most significant accomplishments?
You could refer to the key accomplishments already identified on CV.

 Why haven't you found a new position before now?
Finding a job is easy but finding the right job is more difficult. You are being "selective."

 Had you thought of leaving your present position before? If yes, what do you think held you there?
Challenge, but it's gone now.

 What do you think of your boss?
Be as positive as you can, make only professional comment.

 Describe a situation in which your work was criticized?
Pick an example that emphasizes how you grew from the experience.

 What other types of jobs or companies are you considering?
Keep your answer related to this company's field.

Questions on Your Work Habits and Style:

 If I spoke with your previous boss, what would he say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Emphasize skills – don't be overly negative about your weaknesses; it's always safe to identify a lack of a skill or experience as a shortcoming rather than a personal characteristic.

 Can you work under pressures and deadlines?
Yes. Quite simply, it is a way of life in business.

 How have you changed the nature of your job?
Improved it, of course. Provide examples.

 Do you prefer staff or line work? Why?
It depends on the job and its challenges.

 In your present position, what problems have you identified that had previously been overlooked?
Keep it brief and don't brag – that is, stick to the facts.

 Don't you feel you might be better off in a different size company? Different type company?
Depends on the job, you would not have attended if you thought that this was not a relevant position. Companies can vary in total numbers but work teams normally range between 3-10 staff.

 How do you resolve conflict on a project team?
First discuss issues privately. Then give each party their opportunity to speak. Ask each party to provide their solution and analyse how it affects upon the whole project.

 What was the most difficult decision you ever had to make?
Attempt to relate your response to the prospective employment situation.

Salary Questions:

 How much are you looking for?
You should be aware of the general salary range for the position, state it. “Is this the salary range for similar jobs in your company?''
Give and justify a range of what you understand you are worth in the marketplace.

 How much do you expect, if we offer this position to you?
Be careful; the market value of the job may be the key answer – ''My understanding is that a job like the one you're describing may be in the range of £______.''

 What kind of salary are you worth?
Have a specific figure in mind, but don't necessarily volunteer it. State your current package value and what you know to be the market level. If you possess other additional skills highlight that you feel you should be valued for having them.

Personality Questions:

 What was the last book you read? Movie you saw? Sporting event you attended?
Talk about books, sports or films to represent balance in you life.

 How would you describe your own personality?
Be honest. Think of what you are like outside of an interview scenario.

 What are your strong points?
Present at least three. Aligning your traits to those you know to be desired of the interviewing company and job opening is best.

 What are your weak points?
Don't say you have none.
Try not to cite personal characteristics as weaknesses, but be ready to have one if interviewer presses.
Turn a negative into a positive answer: "I am sometimes intent on completing an assignment and get too deeply involved when we are late."

General notes:

 Interviewers like to see that you have taken time to prepare. They know when you are ‘winging it’.

 Honesty is the best policy.

 Use of examples is key in all interviews. Keep three or four in mind as they will often prove helpful in answering a range of questions.

 Talking technically about your expertise is welcomed by technically knowledgeable interviewers, not by HR/personnel.

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28 Jul 2011 14:15
looking for some honest advice from someone working in IB and possibly have a look at my cv. Ideally trying to break into sales/trading, risk or a junior quant position.
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28 Jul 2011 15:54
bresone wrote: It's nice to vent employment frustration.

It takes the place of student frustration
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28 Jul 2011 23:50
edit:ignore, meant to send as private message
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30 Jul 2011 11:32
shego wrote:
eent wrote: Have you tried using jobs boards and agencies rather than relying on here?

No. I've been sitting just waiting on, I even told one recruitment dude to give up his day job and join for all the latest roles.

Thats what it looks like.
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30 Jul 2011 16:16
I got a job through fuk, sort of. PM'd some guy who posted about his job. Told me some companies to apply for, applied and got it.
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16 Aug 2011 20:27
if any mechanical engineers on here would like to offer me any advice with writing my cv or have a look at it that would be greatly appreciated. currently sorting it out to try and find work placements.
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16 Aug 2011 20:42
i'm finding jobsearching incredibly depressing at the moment
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16 Aug 2011 20:55
Same as that, got down to the final 2 and 3 for jobs that would have been a good 40% pay rise in the last 2 months. However due to my work being in schools in has all gone quiet now and nothing is around. Which obviously means i will be going back to the same job.
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16 Aug 2011 21:11
kashif wrote: looking for some honest advice from someone working in IB and possibly have a look at my cv. Ideally trying to break into sales/trading, risk or a junior quant position.

Pick an area to which your skills and motivation are suited. There is a great deal of difference between the type of person that will be successful in sales and the type that has the mindset of a quant.
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3 Sep 2011 19:43
gawkrodger wrote: i'm finding jobsearching incredibly depressing at the moment

Ditto. I finished uni in June and am finding it pretty hard to find a job. Only ever worked in retail but want to move onto something else. Any top tips, sites, job boards anyone can recommend?
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3 Sep 2011 22:12
does anyone on here run a blog or website for 2nd income? i work from home at the moment and have a lot of time on my hands, probably for the next few months. Any tips or pointers on how to get started? My main job gives me an income but wouldn't mind topping it up, could devote 2 hours a day easily if not more in to to doing something else. cheers.
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3 Sep 2011 22:23
Got a job now, start monday Cool