Menswear: Engineered Garments

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3 Dec 2019 12:36
quest wrote: one of those shirts that only work on a the old Japanese man in the lookbook


Superprecise wrote: Maybe I've talked myself into it but I think it'll look mint with denim and a grey sweatshirt with a parka or whatever.

Like how the Japanese guys wear it.


But I also get this. Maybe try it on in full get up before making a decision? On its own, it’s just an awful shirt sadly.
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3 Dec 2019 15:57
I really enjoy EG's eclectic and slightly trashy approach to patterns and styling. They do floral prints virtually every season and I like how they clash with the more workwear or military-inspired hand-in-pocket stuff. However the specific prints are usually too stylised for me, from 1970s looking flowers to paisley to vague watercoloury patterns.

This one is a straightforward chintz, with no really strong connotation other than being twee as fuck. The colours will work well with lots of stuff I have. I don't think it's objectively an awful shirt but I understand why some (most?) wouldn't like it. I think it would look terrible with a blazer and tan brogues, but worn really casually in place of an oxford will look cool.