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22 Feb 2021 12:53
I really really really want a Workaday utility jacket in the white/navy seersucker
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posted 22 Feb 2021 13:05, edited 22 Feb 2021 13:05
Not digging the baracuta collab stuff, leave that brand alone for a little bit imo

Junya did the definitive one years ago anyway when they updated the G4 (especially in that dark green colour Cool )
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22 Feb 2021 13:24
figurine wrote: SS21 up on the Bureau now.
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22 Feb 2021 13:37
The Batik stripe print ss is tempting. Psychedelic !
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posted 22 Feb 2021 15:28, edited 22 Feb 2021 15:28
There are some very fruity pieces, even for EG. I have one or two myself from them, but definitely prefer when EG just do great basics like fatigue shorts and the Bedford/Andover lines. Also, Daiki just likes pockets that bit too much.
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22 Feb 2021 17:08
Who the fuck wants six pockets with flaps on the front of a shirt. Not feeling the little chest straps either.
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17 May 2021 21:49
19 Century BD shirt same sizing as the Work Shirt?
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11 Jul 2021 08:23
looking to see if anyone has much experience with recent versions of the Workaday utility jackets.
I used to have an XS a few years ago and recall the fit being fairly traditional but looking at measurements for the versions available currently they all seem to be incredibly long - approx 29.5 inches back length for the Small.
Fits look pretty normal in any model photos I can find but any help appreciated from knowledgeable fukers
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12 Jul 2021 09:15
I’ve got a cotton 2019 workaday (size l) - the body fits totally normal but the sleeves are quite noticeably long. They practically reach my knuckles if I don’t wear them cuffed.
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15 Sep 2021 15:53 This looks crackin