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5 Jul 2007 12:11
I have just spent the last month travelling around Europe, I had a fantastic time and saw some incredible things. I love the travel threads on here so I thought I would contribute with one of my own.

I went travelling with my girlfriend (which surprisingly worked out ok) and we started in Paris and ended in Rome. We stayed two nights in each destination before moving on. We planned our route together selecting destinations which we would like to visit and booked hotels/ hostels in advance, our trip was very structured which worked well as it took away the risk factor although is meant that we were constantly on the move.

I had a budget of £25 per which includes accommodation, so unfortunately shopping and drinking were out of the question the majority of the time.

We travelled using easyjet and a one month rail pass from interail
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5 Jul 2007 12:12

I love Paris so much, I lived there last summer for a month with my best friend, it was fantastic, the food and nightlife are second to none. Unfortunately I couldn’t see that side of it due to my budget, which was a major shame. My mother is French so as a result I am fluent, it really helped being able to speak the language, especially in restaurants and when getting directions. We flew to Paris on the 3/06/07, the 5am flight killed me!

We visited many of the major sites over the two days, the champs, Louvre etc. We did a bit of (window) shopping, Dior, APC, Starcow, Zoom, Opium and the worlds best store Colette. I can’t describe how good the Colette is, it really is amazing.

I would of loved to stay longer as its my favourite city in the world but we had to move on.

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5 Jul 2007 12:12

Cologne was a really great city, it was my first trip to Germany and I was surprised how nice everyone was. Cologne had some fantastic shops all the big names were present and loads of other random shops which I really enjoyed looking around. We stayed in a dorm room which was horrendous, I will never ever do that again, one of the worst experiences of my life. There were 8 people in the dorm, 2 American girls, 2 American guys, 1 Korean guy, 1 Norwegian guy and us. Everyone stank of sweat and dirty clothes, the snoring was ridiculous, the Korean guy insisted at on using his hair dryer at 3am, the yanks didn’t stop being terribly stereotypical and crass, and the Norwegian guy slept constantly for the two days we were there. On the up side I managed to find a place to watch the England game and I went to a chocolate museum/ factory.

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5 Jul 2007 12:12

Amsterdam was one of the best places I have ever been, the city was beautiful and everyone was super nice. We stayed on a botel (hotel boat) it was the worst experience of my life ever. The room was approx 6ft 3 high 4ft deep and 6ft 3 wide, it was incredibly small and I slept with my foot in a sink, ha ha! The room was also ridiculously hot as there was only a small porthole. I complained at how bad the standard was and I was refunded for one nights stay which made my stay a bit better.

I got wasted in a coffee shop as I hadn’t smoked weed for so long, the place was really nice and Moroccan themed, so we spent ages just relaxing in there, it was also great how they didn’t let any ‘lads’ inside.

The red light district was fascinating, and very odd, the girls were organised in type along different streets, so blond, brunette, oriental, black, fat etc. There were hundreds of girls working although I counted about 15 or so I would sleep with and about 5 I would pay to sleep with. We were literally harassed by this fat black woman who kept on banging on her window with a massive neon pink dildo to get our attention… we left sharpish. The clubs were ok but nothing fantastic and we couldn’t drink that much due to the budget. The dutch love trance which was also another reason to end the night early. We spent most of the next day relaxing in a park and going to a few museums. I found Patta which was a great store and the staff were really nice, they had some fantastic stock including the Supreme Vans. I loved Amsterdam and I could easily live there in the future.

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5 Jul 2007 12:22
Good post! Cool
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5 Jul 2007 12:24
awesome thread Cool
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5 Jul 2007 12:28
it was shite until you added the second post Laughing out loud
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5 Jul 2007 12:29
i thought it was just gonna be the first post as well Laughing out loud

well done Besty Cool
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5 Jul 2007 12:35
good post why didnt i see any of that in Amsterdam all i saw was porn,weed and pizza slices.
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5 Jul 2007 12:35
beats working! Cool
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5 Jul 2007 12:40
Amazing, i wanna travel europe Cool
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5 Jul 2007 12:50
undot the chicks face
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5 Jul 2007 12:52
nice one, properly interesting thread Cool
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5 Jul 2007 12:57
looks awesome mate Cool
Charles Winthorpe III
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5 Jul 2007 13:38
wicked post, wheres that trainer store in dam please?

and how come no pics of your bird in different poses or in bed or what you ate every nite? thought thats what people do here?
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5 Jul 2007 13:43
picked up any thing nice on your travels best
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5 Jul 2007 13:44
brodie wrote: looks awesome mate Cool

it really was good and i finished under budget which is always good.

you'll be glad to hear that the camera held up very well

when are you off on your trip?
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5 Jul 2007 13:45
I stayed on the botel!!

Was perfect for what we needed it for, but yeah your right smallest and hottest rooms ever!!
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5 Jul 2007 13:45
Jason789 wrote: picked up any thing nice on your travels best

Best wrote: Amsterdam

The red light district was fascinating

Best wrote: going to the GP this weekend
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5 Jul 2007 13:46
Laughing out loud