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9 Nov 2006 21:36
Laughing out loud

Looks amazing guffer, did you buy much out there?
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10 Nov 2006 07:58
no, not really. i didnt spend that much time looking at shops and what i did find what quite pricey (a lot of euro brands - apc, agnes b etc)…i wasnt planning on it though particularly, just wanted to see the place Cool
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10 Nov 2006 07:58
Tremendous guffer!
Noble Locks
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10 Nov 2006 08:41
that water in croatia that you are NOT allowed to swim in looks like the most inviting water ive ever seen. Nothing would of stopped me swimming in that, (water and waterfalls like that are my fave things in the world) i wouldnt of even cared if they shot me and killed me whilst i was doing it, id of died happy.

And guffs pic is a bit warm as well ther david bailey..
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12 Nov 2006 00:51
nowt special but some pics from my holibob

let me know if they are too big for ya

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12 Nov 2006 01:00
did you go on a plane?
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12 Nov 2006 01:00
Luke wrote: some snaps from Mumbai

^^^ some famous bollywood actor apparently

Some nice pics of Mumbai there.. Brings back alot of memories of having to go there every year to visit relatives as a child. I love the rickshaws! Always felt like I was going to die getting into one of those things, crazy drivers.. Love that place even though it is indeed proper ghetto.
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12 Nov 2006 01:25
i loved the rickshaws, but never managed to travel in one… tho one of the yocals did take me for a ride on hid motobike…. that was … er … interesting
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12 Nov 2006 01:43
luna park melbourne

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22 Nov 2006 13:31
seeing this reminded me of this thread:

some awesome photos in here. anyone got anything new?

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22 Nov 2006 14:45
as I drove in this morning - professionals keep in mind I was driving…at speed…and this was on my phone.

the clouds and stuff just made me take a pic

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22 Nov 2006 15:41
anyone else use film (specifically slide film cross processed) rather than digital?
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22 Nov 2006 22:16
without boring you, a couple of photos from my weekend in Dortmund

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23 Nov 2006 09:43
i took this on my way home from work on my phone

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23 Nov 2006 09:56
I think Berk and I are winning with our "on the fly phonography".
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23 Nov 2006 09:58
im gonna start taking some more pics of london as my phone is hooked up to my work pc,just for the up tut north'uners
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24 Nov 2006 23:04

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24 Nov 2006 23:10
Awesome ^ Eye-wink
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12 Dec 2006 21:47
Few pics from Saturday's Liverpool vs Fulham game.

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12 Dec 2006 22:29
misled youth wrote: luna park melbourne

they went here on Neighbours yesterday. I didn't watch it of course, someone told me