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11 Dec 2008 19:36
mr.white wrote: Bests Laughing out loud
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11 Dec 2008 19:41
I was driving back from domino's pizza, and you get free garlic mayo dipping sauces with the pizzas, as we were driving back one of my mates has the idea of opening the sauces and throwing them at people. My mate in the back seat takes the lid off the small pot, winds down the window, and then grenade-style throws it over the car at a woman walking on the pavement, she was absolutely covered in the stuff, it must of stank, was funny, but felt like a right cunt after Oops
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11 Dec 2008 19:47
got suspended from school when younger and a brand new block was being built and the toilets where lush and the headmaster guy proper loved it- like got the mayor to open it with a ribbon and shit.. we had to sing a song tooo, soppy cunts. anyway, i got in the toilet before everyone else and did a shit on the floor in the middle. never seen so much uproar. i got proper mad props from my school friends.. then all the girls thought i was rock and roll and got laid later that evening.
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11 Dec 2008 19:56
Laughing out loud
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11 Dec 2008 20:01
Proper laughing at that, famez!
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11 Dec 2008 20:02
Laughing out loud
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11 Dec 2008 20:19
some good yarns in here but 'evil'?
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11 Dec 2008 20:24
I was a right little bastard at school. Always suggesting other people do bad stuff and getting them in trouble.

But about two years people used to come round mine after nights out. We had this little rule that if you fell asleep you got your hair cut. I promised my mate that if he fell asleep first I wouldn't cut his hair, so I just did this instead

In the morning I heard him get up and leave. I didn't heard him go upstairs for a piss or whatever so I knew he didn't look in the mirror. He got the bus home and phoned me up when he got in after his mum asked him what the fuck he had all over his face. Said he got a few funny looks on the bus

And here's a picture of a mate geting tea bagged in his sleep

And here's somebody getting a hair cut

And another one. The one below was proper funny cos we'd done so many hair cuts we started getting a bit more inventive so instead of cutting a chunk out at the front we did a big bald patch at the back so he couldn't see it. I was with my mate that cut it later and he got a call from the one with the bald patch. We thought he'd phoned to say something about it but he hadn't noticed. Got a call about an hour later when he got to work after he got ripped by the lads there

The picture below was after a night out when we went back to a mates grandma's house cause we had no money for a taxi and nowhere to sleep. I got the dog to munch on the cake then put the cake tin back where I got it. I felt quite bad about that one in the morning

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11 Dec 2008 20:26
the dog one isnt nice, i like dogs, you are never being pmd by me ever again
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11 Dec 2008 20:29
what a cunt. glad i didnt have you as a mate back in the day! funny though. bet you were laughing so hard when that lad rang and still didnt mention it!
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11 Dec 2008 20:30
ok sorry x
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11 Dec 2008 20:31
Look at the thread title, famez! You should reword your comment to "I like wrinkly old women" cos it didn't do the dog any harm!

Mr White - it was so hard to talk on the phone cos we were trying not to laugh. Poor lad had to go court a few days later as well so weren't happy about having to shave his head
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11 Dec 2008 20:32
why does your mate whos getting tea bagged have his cock out?!
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11 Dec 2008 20:34
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11 Dec 2008 20:35
He'd been shagging some girl. Obviously just fell asleep straight after. Didn't notice that til you mentioned it
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11 Dec 2008 20:44
longgggg time since a post but felt appropriate after reading JrdnNcks post.

Four of us were driving around in my mates car in the early hours of the morning and we stopped at a 24hr tescos and got a load of munch. My mate bought a litre bottle of banana milkshake and was only half way through it when he decided he needed a piss, so topped up the milkshake to the full litre.
Shortly after my other mate in the passengers seat decides it would be a good idea to lob the concoction out of the window at a passer by so half unscrews the lid and lobs it at a couple. it smashes in the blokes face and the content empties all over his misses.
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11 Dec 2008 22:26
Went on a post Christmas night out in Plymouth, walking back home we realised everyone had left their Christmas trees out for the council to come round and collect the next day. Mate had a spark of genius and we picked up about 10-15 houses trees off the driveway / garden and lent them against their front doors. Never was there the next morning to see peoples reactions when they came to leave for work Sad
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11 Dec 2008 22:58
eent wrote: Not a lot really. Covered a guys car with sand, ran around my mates halls on one of his last nights there, and trashed about 7 different kitchens. Accidentally did one of his birds mates we found out the next day, and just pretended we knew nothing of it.

I'm sure i've probably done some crazy shit with gojira, he always gets up to no good. Wait for his post in here Laughing out loud

I do remember him setting fire to a chicken on the till on his last day at our work, that was pretty funny.

Edit : Oh yeah, i remember me and a couple of mates flipped a mini onto it's side on the way back from a night out

Hahaha I remember that !! I have some horrible stories, Ant this was about the time we both worked at Late shop I dont know if you were there but anyway My parents had left me on my own for the 2nd time ever (I was 17) and after work me and a couple of my mates decided to have a bit of a smoke round at mine, one of my friends was going to see a band the next day (I am not going to name them on here) I was not a fan at all but as a couple of my mates were going i decided i would tout a ticket on the night. The lead guitarist of the band was a really fat guy, in my stoned state me and the friend decided to bake the guy a cake pretty much consisting of cake mix, ash, stubs, and cat shit from my sisters kittens litter tray, So we made the cake and the next day headed down to Manchester Academy dumping every kitchen utensil used to make it on the bus, after 5 minutes or so of waiting round the back we saw the guitarist and I presented him with what he believed was a lovely gesture from a loyal fan, I told him I was really into his band but hadn't been able to get tickets, thanking me for the cake that i had made him he told me he'd put my name on the door. Hours later me and my mate roll up to the gig, we had been joking all day about how we wished we had been able to see him eat the cake and his look of disgust as he bit into cat shit and ash.
When the band came on so did the cake, I was in hysterics not really thinking about what was about to happen next. The guitarist announces that a fan outside had given him a lovely cake and that he was quite hungry so going to eat some, as he bit into the cake I actually fell onto the floor in tears of laughter as i stared at his face and him trying to hold back the puke. His response was "Oh my god, this actually tastes like shit!"

Anyway, thats probably the naughtiest thing i have ever done, pretty stupid but i was young and it still makes me laugh when i think about it. That and cut down an expensive bonsai tree at a party
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11 Dec 2008 23:07
im actually laughing Laughing out loud why the fuck would he bring the cake out Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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11 Dec 2008 23:09
He was a monster of a man !!!
It sounds so unbelievable I know, but its the truth