Menswear: Evolving brand harmony/philosophy

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22 Jan 2020 02:29
The past years I been away, I been collecting personal Grails and relics that I feel complete who I am and how I want to express it.

Now that I feel my personal grail collection is about 78% complete; as a thirty something, I'm moving into my milspex faze of fashion, except I'm willing to to try new or low-key brands With good history and or story… which isn't a lot, and my pockets thank me for it.

Now when I by gear it's for work or High quality/"My Style" gear at a price I'm willing to pay. If it's used, I welcome it, deadstock was never a necessity to me, I'm a nigga from nothing, I will shine regardless.

My philosophy has always been plenty tough, and built to last. Tenderloin made me like that, and low key (maybe high) I was on my milspex shit with it. I laugh when people say Im wearing the same things years later… Duhhh isn't that the point? Finding your groove..

I've knocked off much of my criteria:
1. Timeless gear/styles
2. Long lasting gear
3. Gear for every occasion
4. Gear for the weather
5. Brand synergy
6. Active wear/physical wear
7. Personal brand Harmony
8. Most of my Grails or future Grails having passed through my hands or still owned

Now if I see something that I like, I buy it at a steal. My main objective is life wear these days. How can I get through this life without the most effort? I respect milspex for low-key being an example of life wear, posting his work gear and all that.

For example: im on my way to work and it's pouring down raining; is everything that I have on waterproof?

That's the kinda shit I'm on. Still trying to complete the grail list. Buying shit shouldn't be the price they are selling it for, even used. I love it.

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posted 26 Jan 2020 03:02, edited 26 Jan 2020 03:02
Sayword wrote: How can I get through this life without the most effort?

Yep, that's what I'm always thinking about too. I hate fucking shopping and trying new shit. I want my gear.

I think the thing that changed the most for me the last few years was trying to steamline and focus everything. I find now it's more like I like the depth I have to my collections and I'm not as strict. Pretty much every situation, every task, I have a piece of gear or two or three backups for it now. Before I would be thinking I have to sell off the backups, but now I don't, I like redundancy. It also allows rotation and this leads to longevity. Some pieces I still want to upgrade/change out.

The other approach would be to have 1 or 2 of something, wear it to death and then replace as needed but I find I never like what's out at the time to replace it, coz with the brands we love the window of opportunity is always limited. So I like the redundency approach, buying what you love when you can, even if you already have something similar.

But I don't look at my entire collection when I add to it, I look at the next season, ID the key pieces I'll be using, see if any of those need maintenance or replacement or upgrade or if a gap that needs filling.

Focusing on strict stable of brands is still important because each piece builds your ecosystem and matrix of gear exponentially. For example I just keep buying readypack cargo because I know all my other cargo integrates with it at the same time as going with my taps. Getting your focus right early is important because building on a basic idea over years and years gets you to good places without a lot of expense or pain, and you appreciate the journey.

I realised for a while now that Looking at one brand or even a couple of your favourites to do everything is stupid/impractical though, keeping yourself clean looking and ready for life is too hard/expensive if for example you wanted to live a w)taps only life from underwear to work wear to sleepwear. I need cheap (gut good) generic basics (t-shirts, underwear) to backup the brands I love, like the background in a painting. Especially with my sizing. Actually I don't want my disposable basics to be my favourite brands.