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22 Jun 2020 09:30
TCB wrote: Tim Westwood getting rinsed on Twitter for preying on young girls.

Certainly one of the oddest characters in the public eye for the past 20 years, and that's what they said about Jimmy Saville
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22 Jun 2020 09:49
illwill wrote: You still on the game? Lockdown must be tough.

Just re-read how I phrased that last message. Laughing out loud

FrIEND wrote: Is that a real body shape or is there injections in the thighs or something?

I've heard rumours she had work done in Turkey. Her best friend's partner is a drug dealer.

She went to Coachella a few years ago wearing fuck all in the hopes it would get some attention. Not too sure it quite had the right effect.
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22 Jun 2020 09:53
She seems quite proud that she was recommended by multiple England team members….I bet there’s a few worried players now..
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22 Jun 2020 10:15
Monies on Kyle Walker to be involved
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19 Feb 2021 22:22
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19 Feb 2021 22:34
Married 7 years is like a lifetime in Hollywood
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20 Feb 2021 15:38
Hopefully he'll stop rapping about Jesus now.
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20 Feb 2021 18:02
bam magera had a massive insta meltdown off his tits about being kicked off jackass 4

bloke looks ruined
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20 Feb 2021 18:07
I've been watching his posts, I reckon he's gona off himself Sad
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24 Feb 2021 08:23
Too much wang