General Discussion: Fancy Dress ideas

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20 Mar 2007 10:57
Put all your fancy dress stuff in here…
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20 Mar 2007 10:59
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20 Mar 2007 11:06
Drag queen?

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20 Mar 2007 11:10
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20 Mar 2007 11:24
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20 Mar 2007 11:25
a baseball fury

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20 Mar 2007 11:30
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20 Mar 2007 11:43
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20 Mar 2007 12:52
going as tennis players from the golden years, just popped to primark got some boys white shorts, a head band and an extra small white polo from some shitty shop. I am going to the printers later to get john macenroe quotes printed… should be a laugh

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20 Mar 2007 13:01
Jack Sparrow, chicks dig him so much.
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20 Mar 2007 13:18
jet wrote: BAN
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20 Mar 2007 16:33
FrIEND wrote: a baseball fury

Mate went out for Halloween as that character exactly a few years back. Painted the Furies logo on the back of the shirt and everything, looked fuckin' quality and was surprising how many people instantly knew who he was. Cool
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20 Mar 2007 16:52
one of the funniest ones i ve ever seen was someone as teamwolf in his basketball gear. an easy one to pull off (no homo) is raoul duke off fear and loathing in las vegas. problem with these two is a lot of people wont get who your supposed to be

for my last one i bought a mr hat puppet off ebay and went as mr garrison from south park
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20 Mar 2007 17:52
FrIEND wrote: a baseball fury

I never realise Greybot, from here, was in Warriors.

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20 Mar 2007 18:08
Laughing out loud
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20 Mar 2007 18:12
taosiukei wrote: Jack Sparrow, chicks dig him so much.

Saw a guy in full jack sparrow attire the other night. He looked fucking quality. None of this half arsed fancy dress shop shizzle. He had proper authentic looking stuff, fitted right as well. Very impressed was i
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20 Mar 2007 18:34
Where does one start looking for that gear though - im gonna type pirate in eBay under 'clothes, shoes and accessories.
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20 Mar 2007 18:45
Jamican bob sleigh team (cool runnings)

Mr T and Mel B

A very drunk and makeup/wig less Edward Scissorhands (but you get the idea)

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20 Mar 2007 18:47
bob sleigh team is quality.
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20 Mar 2007 18:49
yeh bob sleigh is good, that Ed scis attempt is poor