Random Fashion Questions: Footshop.es Don't send goods/dont respond

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3 Nov 2017 11:27
On the 24th of October I bought some trainers from footshop.es. Well, I thought I had…

I didnt receive a confirmation after the money was removed from my bank so I messaged them. They said they hadn't received the money. I sent them a screenshot with the details outlining that 134 euros had been taken by footshop and when to expect my trainers. They stopped responding to my e mails.

I've messaged them on Instagram, Facebook, ive called them loads with no answer. Shocking service.

It's weird as my friend has used this service without a problem.

Have you guys had experience with these jokers? Getting good service seems to be hard outside of England/the US. Spain is fucking retarded and it worried me to see the spanish website sending stuff from Croatia….

What is my recourse here? Basically they've stolen 134 euros of my money so how can I get it back??
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3 Nov 2017 12:19
It doesn't help you but it seems to be a Czech company rather than Spanish.
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3 Nov 2017 14:29
If you paid via credit card file a chargeback, if you paid via PayPal put a claim/dispute in.
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10 Nov 2017 18:20
They are on the way, proper wack service tho. Almost a month after maing payment i will receive the shoes, they didnt reply etc. Better options out there.Thanks guys