Random Questions: free 5p0t1fy account hack/glitch

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19 Dec 2009 05:35
As you are probably aware Spotify is no longer a free sign up service and now requires you to either: A) be invited by an existing premium spotify user or B) sign up as a premium user and pay various subscription fees.

If however you use the below link this will allow you to create a free account without the requirements of an invite.

Free Account link: https://www.spotify.com/en/get-started/

How long it will take for Spotify to realise their mistake and fix this link is unknown , good luck Eye-wink
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19 Dec 2009 11:40
now that this thread will turn up on the top page of google probably not long, regardless this is OFN and it seems very unlikely spotify don't know about it.
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19 Dec 2009 11:47
Yeah it's been mentioned a few times when people have been looking for spotify invites. Eye-wink

I'm sure they have left it open on purpose.
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19 Dec 2009 11:49
been after one for a while, thanks Cool
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19 Dec 2009 12:29
I've got spare invites if anyone wants one