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15 Dec 2006 18:17
What mannerisms have you learnt from FUK that you find yourself using in the 'Real World'? And a rough definition. P.S the mannerism does not have to had originated from FUK. Just that FUK is where you heard it.

(No Homo) - When making a particularly flowery comment a FUKer will often end with this to make it clear that the speaker is not in fact a homosexual.

E.G "Does this Tote bag look okay with my coal drill 19cm's? (no homo)"

Homo can be replaced with almost any describing word as long as its used in the correct context, id est; (no Nazi), (no paedo), (no groomer), (no American) etc.

FACT - The meaning of the word is not changed but the use of it becomes more peremptory, hence caps.

i.e - " The guy is a complete rip-off merchant and a twat - FACT."

GET EM GIRL - Ineff need to do this one

Jimmy Hill - Jimmy Hill - In order to cause amusement for other fuk members, pictures are frequently photo-shopped to include big chinned British football personality Jimmy Hill. This originated as a means of questioning whether or not someone was telling the truth, deriving from the idea that if someone is scratching their own chin, that they aren't. With Jimmy one isn't quite sure what to believe and there is an element of suspicion where he is involved. Witness the "Jimmy postman" image in which Jimmy is propped up against a post-box in full Royal Mail Uniform. There is the strong suggestion that if Jimmy were your postman, you may not receive your goods.

The element of humour also derives from the "fish out of water" nature of the images as Jimmy is frequently edited into pictures in which one would not expect to see him. While early "Jimmy's" were fairly crude in terms of their sophistication, recent additions have been much more sophisticated, some being fully animated- For example reference the picture of forum member Noble Locks in which his head alternates with Jimmy's. Such pictures mix humour with a social commentary of the forum as they question how much Jimmy has infiltrated the hearts and minds of the fuk community.

Det - as in; 'to det'
"to talk utter shite, absolute stonewall porkies"

Merk'ed - I believe this to be a ghetto 'Owned' - commonly used by wannabe 'brap' gangstarr footballers like Rio Ferdinand, Aaron Lennon etc. Adopted in an 'ironical' context by some FUKers.

To dirge - To wear only one brand at the same time

Nellyville - Something that is proper shit/chavvy and wouldn't be unlikely not to be seen on nelly i.e wearing a plaster on your face at an attempt to look gangsta'.
Though it can also be used when no one actually gives a toss about what is being said and that is the only response deemed worthy.

Adam'd - Taking perverse pleasure in posting up 'rare' trainers, totally messed/dirty/ripped after a nights wear
Thats all i can think of right now and i have to go eat and get ready to go out. Can /mods etc please add to and edit as appropriate.

BAN! Used facetiously to point out a prior stupid comment. Indicating in jest that said FUKers comment was so ridiculous that he/she deserves banning for it.
Also used to flame retarded noobs, i.e.
RN - "I just bought a fab G-Star velvet jacket for £45 instead of £65"
FUKer - "BAN!"
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26 Jan 2014 11:17
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Noble Locks
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It would be, its three years old son. Where did you drag this thread up from?
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Laughing out loud Puzzled Was at the very top of the first page, with a new post?
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could someone activate my account please? didn't know where to post but my golden jimmy account hasn't come up. said it would activate automatically.
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12 Mar 2015 18:48
The original post probably needs updating - any suggestions?
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12 Mar 2015 18:51
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12 Mar 2015 19:11
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12 Mar 2015 19:12
Price point - the recommended retail price for a partiular item

Build quality - The merits of the construction of said item

Decent - meeting the approval of a fuker
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12 Mar 2015 20:52
No Vis - invented by me
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13 Mar 2015 03:40
footmobile2000 wrote: No Vis - invented by me
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posted 16 Apr 2015 19:53, edited 16 Apr 2015 19:53
"Carted" - Verb

To purchase an item online with a site that places the item into a virtual shopping cart. Usually the first and most nerve-racking step of successfully buying a hyped item.

I carted that SI x preme cap but it was gone instantly SMH
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16 Apr 2015 22:35
nan kid needs to go on the list. been using it day in day out for the past 2-3 years. all my IRL friends say it now too
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17 Apr 2015 00:18
swede wrote: nan kid needs to go on the list. been using it day in day out for the past 2-3 years. all my IRL friends say it now too