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4 Jan 2010 16:19
Happy New Year fuk'ers and thanks for making 2009 such a top one for the site.

We're looking at making some big time improvements over the next few months. Some long-requested features (*cough* GJ-only forums, proper search) and some new ideas we've had to improve your fuk experience are in the pipeline.

Top of the list is a redesign, and as we put together a design brief we're looking for your input on how best to present the site. Please post up any thoughts, ideas, inspirations, pics etc that we can incorporate into the brief, we want to capture the unique fuk vibe (whilst remaining somewhat presentable to advertisers etc!) and you are the best people to express it.

Any experienced graphics/front-end web people out there who fancy a crack at the job, please PM me or Brad and we'll send you the finished brief for a pitch. We have a couple of candidates shortlisted, but would consider others.
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4 Jan 2010 17:05
Happy New Year Ben. Smiling

My main issues are with the site design. It's not 'cool' enough for the target audience personally. The logo especially to me doesn't depict anything to do with fashion or the UK. The site colours also really girly. Eye-wink

Search isn't as good as it used to be as you well known. Smiling

And the big one for me is, there are too many forums or the ease of use is just not there. I never go into the forums section to browse the threads as I would have done years ago as it's too confusing, I find myself just sticking to the active threads on the left hand side.

Should classifieds be GJ only? or everything should be at least £10 more expensive for non GJs to show them the benefit of them making the one off payment to the site.


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4 Jan 2010 17:17
dark background instead of light so i don't go blind
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4 Jan 2010 17:19
i like it the way it is ,nothing too bright as alot of us are sherking at work to be here or too dark …can i have my personalised to look like this ?

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4 Jan 2010 17:21
Thanks Sleuth.

We're aware of these problems, and in this thread I'm specifically addressing the design thing - we know it's not up to scratch, but getting a redesign right is tricky, so we want to make sure that we have the best possible brief to hand to a designer who may not be as familiar with the site as the regular users.

I'm not expecting expert opinions, but by definition this is a forum where most people have a feel for how things look - so I'd really like to elicit some general thoughts and inspirations, to create a 'mood board' in the jargon.
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4 Jan 2010 17:22
could have a button like on in the top right "boss!? look busy!" that loads a spreadsheet whenever needed. always thought that was handy.
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4 Jan 2010 17:27
jsnldn wrote: dark background instead of light so i don't go blind
i would also prefer a darker background.
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4 Jan 2010 17:30
fuck a dark background Puzzled

will be well miserable, you've seen 5th d right??

p.s berk didn't know you worked in banking Cool
saint nicholegs
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4 Jan 2010 18:39
Please no dark background. Sick!
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4 Jan 2010 18:41
saint nicholegs wrote: Please no dark background. Sick!
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4 Jan 2010 18:43
this colour is great

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4 Jan 2010 18:47
berk wrote: i like it the way it is ,nothing too bright as alot of us are sherking at work to be here or too dark …can i have my personalised to look like this ?

dont you use bloomberg?
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4 Jan 2010 18:49
I like the active threads thing on the left that's really useful.

Only thing i can think of forum wise is some way to know when someone has quoted you, so you can reply. Small improvement really. Also a more user friendly posting interface which requires less use of bb code etc.
Mr X
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4 Jan 2010 18:53
As a forum I find the site easy to use and it integrates well with the rest of FUK, if you care to read the other info. It would be shame if a new site broke up the community with PG style rules to attract more women.

Needs a lick of paint and a GJ section update would be nice.

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4 Jan 2010 19:17
Can we have a prostitute review subsection of the forum please?
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4 Jan 2010 19:50
Laughing out loud Sandies FTW
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4 Jan 2010 19:57

1.Ban people who post their blog in every post

2.No gifs for avatars

The End
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4 Jan 2010 19:59
and have mikey graham from boyzone as the new face of fuk
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4 Jan 2010 20:45
Been said plenty beforehand but a GJ thread or even forum
GJ should have to have a certain amount of posts under their belt (say 100) before they're eligible for GJ status
this would encourage newbies to integrate and not just sign up to peddle items in classifieds
in turn this hopefully means less people get ripped off ala AL (has all that been resolved?)
I say no to darker background though… has a nice linearity to it at present but could probably use a graphics/design based overhaul
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4 Jan 2010 21:01
regular clean up of GJ codes - there are some on there right now which have expired.

i would like to see occasional q&a's and/or short features from people within the industry - whether they be designers, store owners, shop workers, whatever - to give some insight as to what goes on.

as for the look of the site, just some updating really and much of what Sleuth said